May Bedtime Come Sweetly

They are once so small, so very small, that the rock n’ plays and swings seem to cover it all.


And then the Bassinet.  Rebuffed at every turn it met.


Moved onto our pack n’ plays, no fancy cribs for us.  They huffed and they puffed and eventually settled in with little fuss.


Good Morning, My Sunshines became one of many awakening lines.

We used the pack n’ plays without incident for almost two years. So happy, so contented, they soothed all our fears.


A *thud* and a *pitter patter* came with such clatter,  we rushed up to their room to see what was the matter.

They were giddy with joy they were squealing with glee.

For they had escaped their pack n’ plays you see.

It happened in one day.  Sunday to be exact.  They were no longer babies, they were toddlers in fact.

They are so elated and eager to help.  They pull up the blankets with nary a yelp.

In their new-to-them toddler beds, they are eager to sleep at first sight.


All their soft friends keeping them company, sleep well my dears, goodnight.

So proud are they and we of them.

No turning back no saying look what we miss.  For we are right here bearing witness.


This life is so full, so wondrous, so bold.  Don’t miss a moment, don’t say you weren’t told.

This is the stuff that you will remember one day.  The best part is that you will get to say,

I was there.  I was present.  I was a part of it all.  I have no regrets.  And though I stumble and fall,

I was there.  I was present.  I was a part of it all.


May bedtime come sweetly throughout all our lives.  We need it for strength and wisdom and for effectively running our hives.

Beauty sleep hours are overrated, but I’ll take just a few, these moments are so precious, so I will cherish them too.

Much happens while sleeping, sweet dreams and restore.  For we start anew tomorrow, let’s give it what for.


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