Katy Maher is a helper, writer, and working mom living in Chicago. She has blogged for one thousand years. Her work has been published through Chicago Now as “I Got a Dumpster Family”, and has had work published through Red Tricycle and Twiniversity and she freelances as often as time allows.

She worked for a recruiting firm in downtown Chicago for almost 19 years until she was laid off due to Covid-19.  She spent much of her time in the Sears Tower (you heard me), but now works from home part time and gets to go downtown a couple times a week for her gig with DeSoto & State Public Relations serving arts non-profits across the city, which she loves! You never see the bright side unless you go through the darkness, am I right? In her former lives she was an actress, a figure skater, a singing server and a donut counter coffee slinger.

Her favorite and best times are spent with her 9 year old TWINS, husband, and cats. With a giant grateful grin, she volunteers at school and serves important time having won a coveted spot on the Local School Council for our wonderful neighborhood Chicago Public School.

Katy had her last drink of alcohol on October 4th, 2001, and her life has been forever changed because of that decision to get sober. She tries her best to share her experience, strength and hope to help others to recover. It is possible! She writes of recovery, sobriety, anxiety & depression, parenting twins and how to move on with our lives – joyfully and gratefully – one day at a time.

In 2009, she married her husband and they tried to have a baby. They could not due to various factors. In 2012, she went through the intense process of IVF and got pregnant with twins – a boy and a girl – brought to us by science, hope, and love. Those babies are now 9 years old and in 3rd grade. Katy is 49 years old and doing her best to keep up and enjoy as many of these normal everyday moments as possible and then write about them to share with all of you.