What is your brave?

What is your brave?

Bravery can be very big but most times it is quite small.

Bravery can be standing absolutely still.

Bravery can be roaring so loud that the world falls down because of it.

Bravery is raising kids.

Bravery is making the excellent choice of not raising kids.

Bravery is loving who you love and sharing that with the world no matter what.

Bravery is being a constant cheerleader for those who need lifting up.

Bravery is choosing sobriety.  Every day in every way, sobriety.

Bravery is taking a stand when it’s not popular or cool and when you may lose people because of it.  You know better.

Bravery is walking through the darkness.  Because you know it well and you know it will pass.

Bravery is asking for help.

Bravery is carrying a friend.

Bravery is stepping away when that is what they need most.

Bravery is keeping your mouth shut.

Bravery is yelling at the top of your lungs.

Bravery is knowing which is the better option.

Bravery is taking no shit.

Bravery is giving no shit.

Bravery is suiting up and showing up.  Every day.  Even when it’s really really really hard.

Bravery is putting aside your own comfort for someone who needs comforting more than you.

Bravery is knowing your limits.

Bravery is self care.

Bravery is figuring out what you can do better today.

Bravery is giving yourself credit for what you did well today.

Bravery is choosing happiness even when people around you find you foolish to do so.

Bravery is kindness.

Bravery is compassion.

Bravery is starting something new and terrifying.

Bravery is quitting something when it is harming you or others.

Bravery is getting out of bed every damn day.

Bravery is fighting for what is right.  For what is just.  For what is needed.

Bravery is knowing when that fight is best suited for someone else.

Bravery is self control.

Bravery is venturing into something new and different even when it is scary.

Bravery is not the absence of fear.  It’s walking through it even when you are scared to death.

IMG_0371 (2)

Our lovely Nanny, Nikki, captures brave in this photo and story.

“We took our shoes off today and had some foot to grass therapy. Both charges (2 yr olds) were reluctant at first (one absolutely terrified) but agreed to make a deal with me. “I’m going to take your socks off… Run on the grass to the sidewalk and back to me. I will happily help you put your socks and shoes back on if you do not like it and if it feels yucky. I will also give you a big hug because I love you.” 45 minutes later this photo was taken.


Bravery is being as kind to yourself as you are to others.  And I mean really being kind.

Bravery is knowing which arguments you need to participate in and which you can walk away from.  (Hint – that’s most of them)

Bravery is humility.

Bravery is quiet courage.


Bravery is love.

What is your brave?


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