To our Nanny on our 1-year Nanniversary

It’s officially been one year.  One year since you walked into our home and invaded every fiber of our life.  We’ve loved you from the start – as reflected in my first piece about you – but it’s grown deeper and wider. Stronger and faster. More protective and more personal.

And with that love and appreciation comes deep deep respect for everything you do on a daily basis.   A Nanny is a very intimate role.  You know everything.  You see and hear everything.  There are no secrets with a Nanny. Everything is right out there.  Our great communication is such a gift.

You see things we don’t.  You hear things we miss.  And yet, one of your most valuable gifts is your Instagram account just for us, and your documentation of everything.  We will keep them forever as they are a sort of living, breathing baby book.  One that I couldn’t make.  Because it’s YOUR experience with our babies.  And it’s absolutely beautiful and so full of joy.

I still hate leaving them every day.  As much as I love going to work 3 days a week, I hate leaving them.  It’s two exact opposite feelings at once, and you absolutely understand and make it as easy as possible for me to have a carefree day at work without worrying about what’s happening at home.  My bugging you all day doesn’t seem to bug you in the least.  I’m grateful.

Your attitude is infectious and your joy is contagious.  Even on days where the babes aren’t so agreeable, you never ever complain.  You just say, “it will be better tomorrow”.  I think you know I live my life the same way and that’s why I’m certain that we were meant to find each other.

Your creativity astounds me.  You are so gifted and the fact that my kids get to benefit from that is incredible.

The babies are watching us.  Especially the girl.  She sees every move we make and every expression we throw out there.  She knows joy because of us and she especially knows she is loved and understood.  Our boy just wants to play ball.  WILL YOU JUST PLAY BALL WITH HIM ALREADY.  Geez.

These babies know that they are loved by so many.   Their village is strong and you are a monumental part of that.  A seamless, easy, wonderful part of that.

You get my husband’s weird twisted humor and aren’t shocked in the least by some of the crazy shit he says.  I love that.  He’s not a man of emotional flourish as I am, but believe me when I say, he is just as grateful for you as I am.

This is where it gets real.  I AM FRIENDS WITH YOUR MOM ON FACEBOOK.  All our family and friends know you and know your name and your antics and your exquisite care of our kids.  That’s what I mean by village.  We all appreciate you so much.

When you arrive in the morning, their faces light up.  They wave and say hello and to think that one year ago they didn’t even have the wherewithal to walk on their own.  When it’s time for you to leave, they MUST stand on the couch and wave goodbye and blow kisses.  They love their Nikki.  We love our Nikki.

You’ve been with us for ONE WHOLE YEAR.  Just think of all that’s happened. It’s been amazing to have you be a part of all of it.  We are profoundly grateful to have you in our lives.  Shaping our children.  Giving them things we cannot. Guiding them and loving them and teaching them and keeping them safe. You teach me.  You show me things I didn’t think of and didn’t know about. Our kids are better because of you.   I am better because of you.  You’re one of us now. Forever.

Happy 1-Year Nanniversary, Nikki.  We love you!


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