The elusive true female friendship

LYNNIE!  It’s your 50th Birthday!

How could we possibly have known that fateful day all those years ago when you sat down at the cube next to me where we would be all these years later?


Think of all that’s happened.

Relationships. I ended a longtime relationship and found my true love. My real love. My forever love. And you were there cheering us on.

Deaths. Our boys. Sally Boy and Arturo. Our hearts. Our greatest losses. We still hurt together.

Births. I don’t know if you’re aware, but I had a couple babies. You’ve been through EVERY SECOND with me. The whole journey. I am so grateful.

Sickness. We’ve had some incredibly scary times with the people we love. We got through it. Together.

Depression, Alcoholism and Recovery. You are not an alcoholic, yet I’ve never known anyone who gets me more than you. All of me. With your whole heart. We both struggle. We both want to be better and feel better and do better for ourselves. For those we love. In healthy ways. We both do the damn work.

Work bullshit. Need I say more?

Grieving. You just lost your Dad. You were the best daughter in the universe to him and he knows it. You got to end it the right way and take care of yourself at the same time. I’m incredibly proud and so impressed with you.

Celebration. We’ve had quite a lot to celebrate and you turning 50 is just the latest!

Animals. Our trips to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary are some of the top greatest times I’ve had in my whole life. And it’s in large part because it was with you. I can’t travel with just anybody. We did it incredibly well and MAN did we have fun. More to come!

Laughter. You’ve got one of my favorite laughs. I love to make you laugh and I love that we share the same twisted send of humor. It’s just easy. And so much fun.

Nobody gets us like us. We have been through the shit. We have cried and cried and cried. We have experienced things that nobody else on the planet gets to experience because it was you and me, kid.

I cannot imagine my life without you. I don’t ever want to because as long as I can remember now, you’ve been there. And I know you always will be. You are the best “Aunt” to my kids and I couldn’t have survived my Maternity Leave without your weekly visits. We couldn’t have bought our home without your babysitting ALL THE TIME. And you give us DATE NIGHTS. I mean, come on!

I wouldn’t eat nearly as well without you and G in my life.

We’ve learned what mature female friendship looks like together, for we hadn’t really known it before us.

As we continue to trudge this happy road, we may not always be physically together, but we know. WE KNOW. That no matter what is happening and where we are, we are one. We are forever friends. That’s something I’ve never had except with you. My one and only Lynnie.



Happy 50th birthday my beautiful friend.  Here’s to many healthy years ahead!

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