Best Summer Ever

The bare feet.

The beautifully exposed fat thighs.

The grilling out several times a week.

The grabbing the stroller or the wagon and walking to the park.

The parks.  All the parks.

The sun kissed faces and shoulders and arms.  The mom-tan.

The discovery of new things and people every single day and how I had forgotten so much.

The sauntering across the street to visit and play with neighbors.

The movies outside.

The walking EVERYWHERE.

The sweating.

The stinky feet.

The outdoor Summer baths.

The adventures with Awesome Nanny.

The picking Daddy up at the train a couple times a week.

The Summer Festivals.

The treats.

The beach.

The sand everywhere and you just don’t care.

The birthday (bed)cake.


The day trips.

The play dates.

The evenings with the windows open.

The grass.

The slides.

The swings.

The sandbox.

The band-aids.

The mud.

The rain.

All the exploration that happens on your own two feet.

The squeals the laughter the talking.

The looking out for the park while walking and saying hi to all the dogs and kids from the stroller.

The days at home.

The days at work.

The walks to and from the train.

The train ride.

The books read.

The words written.

The little sandals and little sneakers.

The tiny swimsuits.

The naked bottoms running through the sprinkler after a very hot day.

The flooding.

The power outage.

The yard.

The house.

The family.

The gratitude.


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