All the things I cannot do for my kids

I cannot fix you.  But I can point you in a good direction.

I cannot be your savior.  But I can help pick you up when you fall.

I cannot be your spiritual guide.  But I can respect your journey as you respect mine.

I cannot promise you that life will go exactly the way you want it to go.  It doesn’t.  There are high highs and low lows and everything in between and you will feel a million feelings.  And that’s ok.  I’m here to feel them with you. We can get through anything together.

I cannot keep you sober.  But I can answer your questions and lend you my non-judgmental ear.

I cannot fix all your problems.  But I can try to help problem solve with you.

I cannot help you lie.  But I can be your confidant in all your truths.

I cannot give you everything you desire.  But I can show you that being grateful for what you have is the key to a fulfilling life.

I cannot be your reason to live.  But I can support you as you find yours.

I cannot tell you how to look.  But we can certainly have fun playing dress up and learning what makes you feel strong and beautiful from the inside out.

I cannot make you choose a healthy lifestyle.  But I can do my best to be healthy myself and hopefully we can help each other be better.

I cannot take away your pain.  But I can absolutely hold you through your bumps and bruises and heartaches.

I cannot make people be kind to you.  But I can teach you that practicing kindness is the best way to live.

I cannot tell you who to love.  I can only love and hope you see that there are no boundaries.  You can watch how I love your Dad and how he loves me.  Love is love.

I cannot make you happy.  Only you can do that.  But I can do my best to contribute to your joy.

I cannot promise you I’ll never disappoint you.  But I can promise you I will try my best to be the best version of myself for you.

I cannot be with you all the time.  And that’s really a good thing.  We all need to be around all kinds of different people.  It’s what makes life wonderful.

I cannot tell you what your strengths are.  You need to find your bliss and where you are needed in the world and go after that.

I cannot control you.  But I can do my best to guide you on your path.

I cannot fight every battle for you.  But as we pick and choose which ones we do fight, we practice defending ourselves and what we believe in.

I cannot limit my love for you.  It is wide and it is endless.  It is so big that it sometimes makes me say and do silly things.

I cannot keep you forever.  We have a long time time before you go out on your own, and my job is to prepare you the best I can for the world.  When you go and you fly away, I will hopefully know in my heart that I’ve done all I can to see you flourish on your own.

Until then, I’m holding on tight with as much love and laughter as I can muster for as much as I cannot do for you, there is so very much I can do.



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