Who is Your Mom?

By definition, your mom is your caregiver.  She carried you inside her or she wanted you so badly that she asked YOU to be her baby.  From your very first breath – or wherever you met on your journey – to your dying day you will feel her presence, even long after she is gone.

Who is your Mom?

She is your provider.

She is your calming reassurance.

She is your still small voice of reason.

She is your loud, embarrassing cheerleader.

She is your nurse.

She is your problem solver.

She is your protector.

She nourishes your mind, body and spirit.

She helped develop and guide your life long love of animals – big and small.

She is your google.

She is your guidebook on all things once you become a parent.

She sacrifices much so that you may have more.

She is your first call when something wonderful happens.

She is your first call when something catastrophic happens.

She is smart.

She is kind.

She is funny.

She is the most beautiful.

She is compassionate.

She is the strongest person you know.

She is quiet confidence.

She wants to take care of you.  But sometimes she needs you to take care of her, though she would never ask.

She is blind when it comes to you.  But she knows what you’ve done and she wants you to learn from it.

She makes sure to buy the healthy food you like, but sneaks some treats in too.

She laughs her great big laugh at all your jokes – even when you know they’re not that funny.

She’s made hard decisions and set boundaries and stuck to them for your own good.

She looks at you with eyes that make you feel incredibly lucky to be on the receiving end of that gaze.

She is all you aspire to be like when you are finally a Mom.


My Little Mama.  You are everything.



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