Missing a Pet – 1 Year Later

We still expect him to be there meowyelling when we walk in the door.

Eliza Jane Doolittle still looks over her shoulder to see if he’s racing up from behind to steal her treats.

I got flowers from my Dad for Valentine’s Day and I’m able to keep them out as I don’t have a little mischievous orange kitty knocking them over.  Weird.

I actually miss having fur all over my clothes at all times, but it’s been replaced with toddler schwag.  Happily, my clothes shall never be pristine.

We have our little Sally Boy shrine set up and it’s right in the middle of the room, just as he always was.


It’s so hard to believe it’s been a year, and yet not one day has gone by without him creeping into my thoughts.  Not one day.

It’s been one year since we lost our Sally Boy.  The whole story is right there in that link, although I know most of you went through it all with us and I’m so grateful you were there to help me grieve and accept such a profound loss.  You understand as you’ve gone through it too.

We miss you all the time, sweet sweet Sally Boy.  I wish with all my might you could be with us today because man oh man, would you love these funny toddlers.  You could usher these kids into their first furry friend relationship, but we will keep your memory alive always, I promise.

We still talk in your voice and feel your presence around us.  We honor your life and that you chose to spend much of it with us.   We feel so lucky to have known you.

We will have other fur babies in our family, but there will only ever be one Sally Boy.

We miss you terribly my dear sweet funny boy.


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