What One-Year-Old Twins Want from Santa

Inspired by this fantastical post right here, I decided we needed a What One-Year-Old Twins Want from Santa post.


Dear Santa,

We know that you are very busy, but since you were so kind to us when we met you just last week , we have worked non-stop to compile a list as you requested.  You don’t need to bring us anything as we have everything we want already right at home.  Just please do us a solid and tell our Mommy and Daddy that you approve this list so we are free to enjoy all these resplendent gifts to our heart’s desire.  

Because frankly, they get a little uppity and try to prohibit our enjoyment and we are sick of it.  They try to stop us!  Why do they hate fun?

What we would like from Santa this year:

It’s delicious, have you not tried?


We will be sure to leave plenty out for you on Christmas Eve.  Meow.


THESE DANGLY THINGS THAT ARE ALWAYS HANGING FROM MOMMY’S FACE HANDLES and the red red red red red SMOOSH.  She shouldn’t have this stuff all over her handles and smile hole if she doesn’t want us to smoosh.


These teething toys.  They even soak up all our drools. 



That piece of celery that’s been under the couch for two weeks – WE CAN LINK ARMS AND FORM A CHAIN IF WE COULD JUST GET A TINY BIT CLOSER…..


Anything that REMOTEly resembles one of these –


Yes, we are clever.  Thank you for noticing. 


“But we ARE being gentle, MOM.” 



That little mousey and ball RIGHT THERE. Do you see it?

cat toy


The water in this thing.  It’s just like our baths, reach in and SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH.



Bright colored strings attached to these heavier other things that kinda stink. 

photo (118)


And finally, SQUIRREL! 


Thank you Santa.  This is going to be the best Christmas ever! 


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