A Family Lives Here


We are not unlike the multitudes of families out there who enjoyed a Saturday in the snow and perhaps got a bit too excited at the prospect of babies touching feeling tasting snow for the very first time ever. 


You see, when the world has told you no too often to count, and you keep saying YES, you celebrate the small stuff.  You are enchanted by the firsts.   You revel in the idea of all this happening when you know so clearly, so fundamentally that it wasn’t supposed to happen to you.  You celebrate that life is not fair.    

The picture at the end of this post rocked me to my core. 

When you’ve gone through hell just trying to have any kind of a normal life, to learn to love your whole self and know that the world is not against you, to walk among the living, this picture will demolish you. 

When you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are with the man you are supposed to be with after so much romantic heartache and endless failure in relationships, this picture will destroy your heart with its tenderness. 

When you’ve been through hell to get pregnant – to make a family – seeing a picture like this will wreck you. 

Upon realizing a part of your heart was missing your entire life until you had a family, this picture will mean everything to you. 

When you’ve battled infertility with odds stacked against your ever having children, this picture will make you grateful for every moment you have with the little snow monsters.  Even the moments when they’ve had enough and are both outside crying in the snow you so fiercely want them to enjoy.  Instead you just laugh while scooping them up to bring them inside.

Then you are whacked upside the head with this outside your back door and it hits you. 

A family lives here.  My family lives here. 


 Gratitude abounds. 

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