Our First Santa Visit

We burst in from the cold and happened upon the most magical Neiman Marcus in all the land.

The Sales Ladies “coo-ed” and the Security Guards “awww-ed”.

We took it all in from tip to toe as overhead trumpeted a tune we all know.

We hurried to meet our dear friends and to form a new tie we hope never ends.

There was a hush and a brief cry from just one.  An introduction – “These are my babies Hall and Oates” –  quickly met with a kind and insightful, “I know”.


Mommy tried to keep it together and laughed through her tears.  She’s been waiting for this.  She’s been waiting many years.

santa 4

A few pictures with Mommy and then alone on his lap, this boy’s chuckling but the girl’s still unclear.

With each other for support and a hug, the jolly one even lets us give his beard a tug.

A few shaking of bells and “look over heres” then snap snap snap followed by whispers of “Santa loves you”.

Hey, I think we did OK!  No screaming, no fussing, no Mommy’s penchant for cussing.

We then move along saying, “Merry Christmas and thank you, Santa”.

THANK YOU SANTA.  Thank you my dear friend there with us.  Thank you for the perfect first Santa visit from this mom’s entirely too sappy heart.



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