I Actually Really Like and Respect My Husband

I know this is a risky thing to say.  I actually really like my husband.  What’s even riskier it seems, is that I respect him.

An awesome lady named Becky made me some magnets when I first started my blog.  How cute are these?

There seems to be this thing happening where women just rip their husbands to shreds making fun of them and I can’t get down with that.  Besides all the commercials that have for so long made men out to be idiots, there’s a movement going on that makes men appear to be less than or incapable.  Especially when it comes to child rearing.  Yeah, sure, I’m the mom and I am in charge (she says while puffing out her ever milky chest) but I don’t for ONE SECOND ever think I could do this without my husband.  If something terrible were to happen to him, I would have to, but I don’t take him for granted for one second.  He’s my partner in every possible way.

We aren’t perfect at communication and yes, we argue and fight and have disagreements about how to do things sometimes, but I respect him and what he says and does.  That’s all I can ask in return.  I read this post from Sammiches and Psych Meds recently and it really struck a chord.  It’s almost like I am EMBARRASSED that my husband is so great.  I don’t want to shout it out because I would be in the minority apparently, and that’s not a cool thing to do.  Clearly many women think their husbands are idiots and I actually think my husband is not only NOT an idiot, but actually really bright and fantastic.

I married up.  I finally found my prince after kissing many frogs.  I made the mistake of marrying someone in my former life who wasn’t what I wanted, and I paid the price for that.  Luckily I got out.  It was my choice to marry that guy and it was my choice to get out.

A whole different level is reached once our men become dads and you see what they’re really made of.  Well, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing my guy rise the hell up and take on fatherhood with humor and love and bravery.  Just as I knew he would.  We shouldn’t be surprised when our men man up and act like equally involved parents.  We should EXPECT it.   It’s not babysitting when a man takes care of his children.  It’s parenting.

My husband is not the only man making good.  I have so many friends and family that do the same thing.  So why all the husband/dad bashing?  Because it’s funny?  I don’t know.  I get tired of it.  I would hate it if my man did this to me and so I choose to not do it to him.  Does he do stupid things?  YES.  But so do I.  We need to work together for the good of these kids and have each other’s backs.  Simple as that.

Which isn’t to say we don’t question each other and say some things we regret from time to time.  Ultimately, we respect each other.  No couple is perfect, no matter what it looks like on the outside.  We are far from a perfect couple but we keep trying to be good to each other even when we don’t want to be.  I know I am very very lucky.  I am so grateful to have a partner that not only makes me bust a gut laughing, but that I respect and really actually like.  It seems rare.  But it can’t be THAT rare.  I know there are others out there who feel the same.  Respect for men?  Anyone?  I can’t be alone in this.  SHOW YOURSELVES!


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