Hot Takes from 4-year-olds: They said what?

I know there are a lot of heated arguments and opinions flying about and you’re tired of all the think-pieces and what else can anybody add to the mix?   We’ve got a real controversial opinion floating around our home lately.


You may be shocked to hear what they say, but just listen all the way through and their strong feelings may sway you.  We encourage them to speak their minds, but this was a real shocker.


Now, when they learn about the concept of bed pie and that this is something grown ups get to do, their giant brains are going to explode.

“Hot Takes from 4-year-olds: They said what?”  may have to become an ongoing series.  Just wait until you hear their take on this new administration.  WISDOM BOMBS ALL OVER THE PLACE, such as:

Bebe: “Is it Barack Obamas birthday today?”

Me: “No, it’s President’s Day. So we look back and appreciate all the good things our Presidents have done for our country.”

Bebe: “But not Donald Trump because he’s just a bully.”

Bub: “It’s ok, he won’t be President forever, Bebe.”

Bebe: “LET’S RACE.”

I have buckets of hope for our future.

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