Things I Love Thursday – Simple Pleasures with Little Kids

Today is my favorite.

I know, I know.  There’s a lot going on and believe me, I’m weighed down by it all 24/7 just like you, but dammit if what’s right in front of me ain’t too good to be true.

The sun was shining this morning in Chicago and as we’ve not had much sunshine recently, it felt like honey.  It would be a sunglasses day.

As I got the kids ready for school and myself ready for the day, I added a bit of make up.  Make up is usually reserved for days I go to work and when we have something special going on so getting a bit dolled up today felt a little special just because.

Separately, each kid came in the bathroom to “help” me apply – meaning a WHAT IS THIS FOR and I LIKE THIS COLOR THIS WOULD LOOK PRETTY ON YOUR EYES (even though it’s lipstick) – as they often do, and when I was done, I got a “you look perfect” and a “you are beautiful” from them and I felt on top of the world.  Later in the day I even got a “I just like looking at you, mama” and I was flying.

As I’ve been feeling like I’ve aged 10 years in the last few months, I chose to believe them.

We talk all the time about no matter what we wear or if we choose to wear make up or not, we are still awesome, but it’s nice to hear compliments, isn’t it?

After breakfast we had a dance party, as you do.  We have workers in our basement all this week and they are having to listen to dance party after dance party after dance party. Bub threw a ball down the stairs and one dude (who looks like Jay from Jay and Silent Bob) came up to return the ball and bopped along for a second. The kids heads exploded.  Mine did too a little.

We stopped on the way to school to play with our Nanny Nikki (heart heart heart) and her charge on Thursdays (who happens to live just down our street) and had a big love fest and the dance party continued.

When I dropped them at school, I went to Target and looked at all the Valentine’s Day stuff and had a brief thought that I would really be on top of things if I got some stuff for the kids class party and maybe something for my dear sweet husband. But I walked out with a candy heart of chocolate for myself instead. I’ve still got plenty of time, right?  I mean, I got them their flashlights for flashlight day at school tomorrow,  I’m not THAT terrible.

And, yes, that was me trolling the newborn section of the clearance rack because Baby Gum and Baby Mikey needed some new threads, don’t you know.  WHAT.  I do not have a problem with baby clothes.  They were $2. each.  Am I over-justifying myself here?  I KNOW BABY GUM IS JUST A DOLL.  Kind of.


After school, after naps, we got to go to the Choo Choo Restauant.  A place that serves up food on a moving train right to your seat and is just gd delightful.  We had coupons for free meals you see, from their birthday a month ago that were about to expire and we HAD to use them.


CUPCAKES COME TO YOU ON A TRAIN WHILE HAPPY BIRTHDAY PLAYS.  Separately, I had french fries and a chocolate shake for dinner.  I read a piece recently that said, “Now is not the time to go paleo, folks”.


In the car, we had deep conversations as we always do these days like:

“When I’m a grown-up I’m going to get a pink car.  A pink car and pink house.  And I’m going to have a big party with decorations and I will invite you and dada and Gah with his 4 kids”

“Bebe but will you marry me?”

“Yes Gah.  I already told you that.”

“I’m going to get a paci and give it to our new kitty cat.”


We take a lot of pictures.  How did we grow up without selfies when they’re so much fun!  Lately though, I don’t take as many pictures because everything feels too heavy.  Today, for a little while anyway, I gave in and felt completely light and present with my kids.  Just us, without any dark cloud overhead.  For a little while.  It was sunshine.  It was bliss.  We took pictures.

Simple pleasures with little kids.


I often worry what kind of world we’ve brought these kids into.  I know every generation has these fears.  These questions.  But it’s not been quite like this.  I worry.  A lot.  My dreadfully level headed husband does his best to calm me down with logic and facts, but these days even that is hard to do because, well, here we are.  But then I look at these kids.  I listen to them.  I watch them.  And I know, without a doubt, that they are exactly where they need to be at exactly the right time.  I have enormous hope for them.  Because of them.  Even with all the doom and gloom, and actually because of all that, Today is still my favorite.


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