Why this Chicago Cubs World Series is the Hope We Need Right Now

Let’s set aside the fact that it’s been a hot minute since we’ve been here in the World Series.  I mean, A HOT MINUTE Y’ALL.

Let’s set aside the decades of heartbreak this team has inflicted on it’s fans.

Let’s set aside the notion that there was some kind of curse on this team involving a poor innocent farm animal that NEVER ASKED FOR ANY OF THIS.

Let’s just look at how this team has brought us together in a time we so desperately need togetherness.

In a time of extreme divisiveness and turmoil in our fair city, almost everybody agrees that this is a good thing.

We are able to smile at each other right now.

For this brief moment when it seems all are snarling, we are able to high five on the street and yell GO CUBS GO to our neighbors and fellow fans on the L.


We are able to put aside our transgressions as we hoist that W flag outside our homes.


Many of us have shrines in our homes and have worn virtually the same outfit for the last many games hoping not to jinx anything.

Even White Sox fans are able to say, hey, this is pretty great.  Well, some.  I get it.

The people we’ve lost, who cheered their whole lives for these Cubs are carried along with each of us in every chill inducing moment this season.  Each milestone, each marker achieved, we whisper, “this one’s for you”.

For all the old timers we walk by on our daily respites, sitting in their garage, listening to the game on the radio, this is for you.

For my sweet, loyal to a fault husband who has lost more hair than he can afford to lose over the years on this team, I thank you, Cubs.

Friends that have spent so much of their time bemoaning this team yet continue with their allegiance throughout these many years have been sweetly rewarded.


I thank all of you for giving us hope.  For giving us a shining beacon of a lighthouse in our city right now that we so desperately need.

We are stupid with hope.  We are a Cubs family.


Now, let’s fly that damn W tonight, and please be safe out there.  No matter what happens, it’s been a hell of a ride.

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