A Hopeful Halloween

“HAPPY HALLOWEEN MAMA!”, they yell when I walk in their room after they’ve been awake already for almost 2 hours.

“Why have you been up for so long already?  Why didn’t you go back to sleep?”

Just like those Disney commercials, I  hear, “WE ARE TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP.”

I can’t fault them there. I’m pretty excited myself, albeit today will require much coffee and candy for sustenance.

Up until just a few years ago I hated Halloween.  HATED IT.  As I’ve learned with so many things I supposedly hated before kids, my outlook has changed.

As we were decorating our house a few weeks ago (YES WEEKS) the joy and the jumping up and down in the flapping from these kids made me instantly excited for Halloween. I’ve never seen anything like it.  Our house literally looks Halloween threw up on it, in it, near it.  It’s disgusting and we love it.

We’ve watched Curious George BooFest 84 times already and I still want more.  The Great Pumpkin?  YES PLEASE.  Daniel Tiger and Peppa Pig Halloween specials? MORE MORE MORE!

We’ve got a Batman and a Sparkly Purple and Pink Butterfly Girl too excited to sit still at all today and I cannot blame them.

This is MAGIC.

We are going to preschool today with the kids as we both are working from home today and we get to creep on the Halloween party and watch Nikki paint the kids faces and then later go trick or treating in our Chicago neighborhood with family and it’s just pretty incredible that this is our life.

I will say I’m still adamantly anti pumpkin spice everything (FOR ME) because COME ON.  SO my very funny girlfriend loaded up a box of PS shit and send it to me in the mail a few weeks ago.  The postage alone was worth my howling when I opened it up.  I  could smell it from the UPS truck a mile away.

LOOK AT THIS SHIT. She wins everything.

I wound up giving some to neighbors and some we kept.  Look, like what you like.  Remember when we used to be able to like what we like without everybody giving us shit about it?  Those were the days.  Now, if we say we like something, there will immediately be 20 people up in our grill telling us how wrong we are for liking it.


I realized that for several years, I gave people so much grief about what they like, and that’s really terrible.  I don’t want to live like that anymore.  I’ve realized the error of my ways.  I’ve had my George Bailey realization that I need to change the way I’ve been living and LET PEOPLE LIVE THEIR PUMPKIN SPICE LIFE ALREADY.  Every time a barista calls an incorrectly spelled name, a person in need of some cheer gets their PSL.  And how terrible have I been to try to deny that joy to folks?  GEEZ.  Joy suckers suck.  And I have been one, so I take responsibility.

If you like pumpkin spice, ENJOY IT.  If you wear crocs to your own wedding, I HOPE THEY FEEL FREAKING FANTASTIC.

I am too old and and been through too much to give anybody shit about what they like or don’t like.  You enjoy what you like and I’ll enjoy what I like.  COOL? COOL.

This Halloween, everybody that comes to our door gets candy.  Or a treat.  I don’t care how old you are or how last minute your costume is, you get candy.  Because we have much and we never know what the story is with anybody coming to the door.  WWJD?   HE WOULD GIVE OUT THE BLOODY CANDY.  And it might actually be bloody, but he would still give it away.  I’m not even a believer, but I think that’s pretty much what the Bible says isn’t it?  GIVE EVERYBODY THE STINKIN’ CANDY NO MATTER WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE.  I think that’s a direct quote, right?

After an interaction in a parking lot yesterday with an adult taking out his political anger on everyone that could hear him – including all the kids – I was left feeling shaky.  I had a conversation with my kids after they asked why he was saying bad words and yelling and so mad.  I think he needed more candy.  He needed more hope and kindness.  Especially for his kids sake.

We talked about  how kindness can change the world.  That when people act very angry or sad, that’s when they need kindness the most.  We can help with that.  They seemed satisfied with that answer and so in agreement, we celebrated over pancakes.

I am choosing hope this Halloween day.  Hope that all of us in our own little ways can either make this world more hopeful and better for each other, or we can swear and yell and scare children. I choose hope.  Have a hopeful Halloween, everybody.  Like what you like.  Give the candy to everybody.  EVERYONE GETS TREATS!  That’s my political stance today and everyday.


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