Are You a Gilmore Girls Superfan?

When the news hit about a series revival set for Netflix, well, I knew it was time for a GG post.  Are you like me?  Are you a Gilmore Girls Superfan?


You could say I’m a superfan.  I know I know it’s super white white homogenous people show but I unapologetically unabashedly love Gilmore Girls.  I am really really good at TV.  My friends rely on me to tell them what to watch.  Because I’m that good at sitting on my couch or lounging in bed and transfixing on the wonder that is television.   And it is wondrous.  In our own homes, if we are really lucky, we have a tv.  I make no apologies.  I LOVE TV.

I’ve had friends sheepishly admit to me lately that they’ve never watched it. Not one episode.  As I (in my head) question how we are even friends, I calmly say, “It’s not big deal.  You may not even like it and I don’t want that responsibility.”  But really, no big whoop.


I watched this show when it aired originally, one million years ago, or 2000 to 2007.   My husband bought me the dvds in increments so I own the entire series.  But last year they put it all on Netflix so it made my yearly series binge a hell of a lot easier for bed pie eating and viewing.

I am really excited/terrified of the revival.  As with everything really great, sometimes it’s best to quit while you’re ahead.  I mean, let’s face it, this show had some real stinkers.  Like poolhouse Rory and that whole time when she and Lorelai were on the outs?   THUMBS DOWN.  I am excited to see what happened with Paris and Lane and SOOKIE!  I’m anxious to see how many times Lorelai have broken up and gotten back together. And Rory.  Is she the next Christiane Amanpour?  I’m dreading the loss of Richard Gilmore.  The man, the gentle giant.  The anchor.  Hopefully they can tie up some loose ends and give us all what we want.  Christopher being sent down the river never to be heard from again.



If you are a superfan like me, you will undoubtedly enjoy these observations, mentions and overall enjoyable moments……

You reenact the opening credits of running down the stairs in jean shorts and cowboy boots while pulling your hair up a la Lorelai each time it airs.

You acquire, arrange and eat all the snacks, bed pie, take out and candy you can eat AS YOU LOUNGE while watching all the greats in film and television.  And Gilmore Girls because they really just expect you to, and how could you disappoint them.


Speaking of disapproval, Mrs. Kim is a lot like Grandmama.  We love them both.



There are a million scenes to love in this show, but this scene could be one of my favorites.

I crumble into a fit of laughter each time and marvel at the writing, the timing and the perfect delivery these actors have.  It epitomizes the relationship these four have.

ALL THE BLACK COFFEE.  While GG is set eternally and always in the Fall, not a single Pumpkin Spice Frapawhichiato is seen nor mentioned.  And let’s keep it that way thank you.  However, being that it’s in the Fall, it is the most cozy, comforting, best fashion wearing time of the year.  FOREVER.  Like a Twilight Zone episode.  Right?  Anyway, YAY FOR ETERNAL FALL.


They talk about Grey Gardens.  That’s all I need to know.  They are such pop culture junkies, granted it was from over a decade ago, but they really run the gamut of all time periods.  Also, THE BOOKS.   The fact that somebody took the time to find all the books referenced in the series and then list them, well bravo.  And I’m not ashamed to say I took many a book recommendation from this show.  And music.  And television.  And movies.  These babes were well read and versed in just about everything.  Because I’ve watched it all so many times I finally get just about every quick and fast reference they make.  I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE PROUD.

Paris is such a witch.  Except she’s really not.  You fall in love with her and as with all good stories, everybody makes mistakes, falls on their face but gets back up again.  Almost.  Nobody hurls insults like Paris. I almost want to be on the receiving end.


The ever changing length and texture of Lorelai’s hair.  We don’t ever SEE her getting extensions, but girl please.  Stars Hollow Beauty Supply must be doing alright by this woman.

THE FASHION.  The coats and party shirts and dresses for Friday night dinners.  The boots and the HATS!  The gloves and the sweaters.  TO DIE FOR.  I’m a decade plus late, but I still want them all.

I only ever want to eat at Luke’s Diner.

Everyone in Stars Hollow is a character.  Not just a name, but a context and back story and quirks and storylines that we feel we know so well just from the writing and the nuance.

Stars Hollow itself.  Don’t we all want to live there?  I can smell it and taste it and feel it and see it, around the corner and in the nooks and crannies.  In the gazebo and in Miss Patty’s Dance Studio.  It’s a living breathing character in this show and it wouldn’t be nearly as good without all the pieces living in harmony.

THE MEN.  Luke, Max, Christopher, Dean, Jess, Logan, Zack, Doyle, JACKSON (SWOON), TJ (omg), Michel, Richard (♥). These men are infuriating and good and ridiculous and not that bright sometimes (writers!) and also, just human like all of us.  I don’t know that I root for any one over the other, though my heart will always belong to Luke Danes.  Christopher can go pound sand.

I have yelled at my screen so many times about the choices these characters (MY VERY BEST FRIENDS HEY SOOKIE HEY GIRL HEY) have made.  Yet, if anyone were filming my life and all the stupid stuff I’ve done and said and terrible moves I made, well, let’s just say it wouldn’t be nearly as charming.

Lorelai, Rory, Sookie, Paris, Lane, Mrs. Kim, Emily, AND EVEN Liz. The women in this show.  I know it’s about love and romance and there are so many story lines about finding love and being in love and loss and heartache, but really?  I love this show because it’s about these women.  The relationships these women forge are difficult, tragic, embroiled in competition and yet they still work through it and somehow find their common bond and root for each other.

At one point I viewed this more from Rory’s point of view, but as the years have progressed (AHEM), I view it from Lorelai’s point of view.  It’s that good.  It transfers over and one day, I shall view it from Emily’s point of view.  Oh wait, nope.  I probably won’t.  Well, maybe.

You never would guess the trajectory of Paris and Rory when they first meet at Chilton.  And Sookie and Lorelai?  Sure Sookie is comic relief and adorable and the “best friend”, but here she is so much more.  She goes through so much shit and we get to ride along as these women navigate vulnerability with each other.  Any show that deals with women in relationship with each other is valuable.

Lane and Rory.  Their friendship from the very beginning and how it grows and develops and almost fades out and yet comes back around, it’s really a testament to these girls.

These women.  It’s not always easy to keep a friendship going.

Rory and Lorelai.  That mother daughter bond that we all crave.  It wasn’t always easy, but they work through it.  Messy.  Funny.  Brave.

Lastly, Emily.  OH EMILY.  She is so complex and hurt and bitter and hurt and funny and lovely and well-meaning and hurt yet kind yet backstabbing yet jealous yet loving, SO MANY THINGS.

We women are SO MANY THINGS.  And I love this show so much for the messy way it depicts women. Because while some of it is absolutely over the top, a lot of it is spot on.

These women were feminists, almost every single one.  They had their work, their school, their anonymity when in relationship and without.  As a younger woman, watching this the first time it was really refreshing that they were able to handle and balance so many things in their lives.  Leaning on each other.  It was really inspirational to me.  Sure, Lorelai was born into privilege, but after she got knocked up she left all that and made a life completely her own. It kills her to take anything from her parents but she will do whatever it takes to care for her kid.  Her great kid.

LANE HAD TWINS.  I mean, between Monica and Chandler getting twins and then Lane, both storylines I had forgotten until my own were in my belly, it was all destined to be.  THAT’S MY STORY AND I AM STICKING TO IT.

Will You Be My

Few more things rapid fire:

  • Hep Alien and Sebastian Bach.
  • Michele and those DOGS.
  • The interactions between Emily and Lorelai are really quite incredible.  So layered with years of regret and hurt and sadness and bitterness now trying to move forward.
  • The vegetable scenes with Jackson and Sookie. Any scenes with Jackson and Sookie really.
  • Taylor Doose is a lunatic.
  • Carole King.
  • Kirk is ridiculous. But Lulu loves him.  Oh Lulu.
  • Cinnamon’s funeral.
  • The Life & Death Brigade.
  • Logan’s apartment.
  • The drive from Stanford to Stars Hollow.  How many times did they all do that drive?
  • Lorelai’s old Jeep.
  • Miss Patty and her deliciously flamboyant gratuitous past.
  • Al’s Pancake Emporium.
  • The really tender dynamic between Lane and Mrs. Kim.
  • And finally


Just like anything good, nothing terribly exciting really happens, but the dynamics and the characters and the writing and the relationships are so rich, you get so invested in these stories that some folks might think you’ve taken it a bit too far. When you tell people you actually live in Stars Hollow but they can’t find it on the map where your address is, well, you adamantly deny deny deny  and insist they look again.  Not me though, I could really take it or leave it.  This show.  This show about these women.


There is way too much to remember and write about and my brain is too full. So you tell me some of your favorite moments!

p.s. YES I’ve watched all of Parenthood and OH THE SOBBING.  Also, THIS new exciting thing.

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