I Say YES to Purple Glitter Nail Polish for all my Kids!

I hold in my hot little hands a small bottle of glitter nail polish.  I think it was $4 at the Walgreens and it is about my most favorite thing right now. Because I know the reaction it will get from both my boy and my girl.

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Now, when I think back to being a kid, (WHEN I WAS A GIRL) you can bet your ass we didn’t go get manicures or any of that nonsense.  Hell, I had my first real manicure 6 years ago on my SECOND wedding day.  While my mom always has looked immaculate and made sure we did too, we didn’t spend a ton of money on stuff like that.  And I’m thankful.  I am a box dye, haircut once a year, only get pedicures in the Summer kind of gal.

HOWEVER.  When my boy and then my girl started asking me about my new Summer pedicure and asked if we could paint their nails, I said SURE! Because I say no to them quite often these days unfortunately.  That’s the nature of beastly terrible (not at all true) toddlers.  For their safety, they hear the word no and it’s not a bad thing.  Everybody needs to be ok with the word and concept of no.  You can’t always get what you want – THANKS ROLLING STONES FOR ALL THE LIFE LESSONS.

Anyway, the nail polish.  When they kept asking about my toes and wanting nail polish of their own, I told them this weekend that I would bring some home for them because all mommy has is 84 shades of harlot red.

I am a mama of my word, so this morning I ran across the street from work to Walgreens and stood in the make up aisle and you guessed it.  LOST MY SHIT.

I cried in Walgreens because I get to pick out a color (PURPLE) and shade (GLITTER) they both will like because I know them so well and I get to purchase it with money I make at my job.  Then I get to put it on my desk at my job and take a picture of it and write about how extraordinary this ordinary action really is.  I get to carry it in my bag to the train and walk it all the way  to our home where my two loves will be in the window waiting for me and I get to pull it out of my bag and exclaim GUESS WHAT MOMMY GOT FOR YOU and they will oooh and ahhh and want to put it on right now and we will.  Because of course we will.  Then on top of all that I get to have the conversations that will happen WHILE we paint on the polish.  The wonderful intriguing question filled conversations that only 2 year olds want to have.  And I will soak it all in and I will answer each question as best I can until the next one comes and try to keep up.  I will get the hugs and kisses and DANKS MAMAs.

Because Mommy likes to say yes too.  Saying yes is much easier than saying no.  But the nos are important.  Nos are the hard.  Nobody likes no, but it’s necessary. But twinkling amongst the nos sometimes there shines a bright sparkly yes and it makes you tingle and glow and lights up a room. Much like, say, a tiny cheap bottle of purple glitter nail polish.


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