6 Years of Marriage Feels Like Forever

How in the world has it only been 6 years?  This 6 years of marriage feels like forever in the best possible way.  Like we’ve always been together. Maybe it’s because we’ve known each other most of our adult lives, even when we took that little 12 year break and many other turns to get here. Second Chances – Our Love Story

A million things have happened and we have weathered many a storm. We’ve said goodbye to members of our family and we’ve welcomed new ones.  4 Years Married – Yay Love!

We had the cutest darn wedding you ever did see.  It was in Paris (WINK) and all our favorites were there.  3 Years Married

All the sappy stuff is in those posts along with pictures, so please, take a little look back with us.


I’ll keep this one short and sweet.  We’ve got what it takes.  We’ve got the laughter and the forgiveness.  We’ve got the fortitude and the patience. We’ve got the ability to admit fault and own up to our shit, even if it’s ugly getting there.  We’ve got the passion.  We’ve got the love. We’ve got the friendship.  We’ve got the everyday make it work and try to have fun doing it thing that’s most important for a long term relationship.

As we were sitting in the grass next to each other at the park watching our kids play in the sand on a perfect weather day, I said, “this is living.” Because all the vacations and fancy houses and money in the world cannot buy our happiness. We fight, we argue, we get passive, we get in each other’s faces.  But mostly, we love, we support and we listen.  I keep trying to get better and I know you do too.  We’ve got a lot of shit to manage and I think we do a pretty damn good job.  I’m so proud of us.

There’s nobody else in the world I want to do all this with.  It’s like I’ve always said, I don’t want no scrubs (I HAVE NEVER ONCE SAID THAT) and I certainly didn’t wind up with one.

I LOVE YOU, BABY!  HAPPY 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY AND HERE’S TO THE REST OF OUR LIVES TOGETHER.  Oh, and, thanks for our gorgeous kiddos too.  They’re kinda cute.  This life we’ve created for ourselves.  It’s pretty damn great. Our wedding was just the very beginning. I’m so thankful for you.  You’re just dreamy.

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