Twins are Terrific – A Look at Newborn to Two Years Old


I’ve written A TON about my twins. Their milestones and their discoveries. Our triumphs and our sorrows.  Our worries and our celebrations.  I’ve found our experience is very similar to other twin families and therefore we all relate.  It’s pretty awesome. At the end of this post, you’ll find links to major milestones in their short lives, but to parents, a big deal.  I urge you to share with any twin parents or expectant twin parents or caregivers you may know.  


The weight of the two combined gets heavier every day.  More substantial. They turned two in January 2015. They’re four years old now, going on five, but this feels like yesterday.

I look at them from certain angles and they look big.  They look long. Granted my husband is huge, so we have that going for us.

But then they crawl in my lap and say, “I’m just a little baby” in a little squeaky voice and we laugh while I always develop a tear in my eye because they are just a little baby. Forever. Always and forever my little babies.  In bigger kid bodies. That’s how this goes.  We can look at them and no matter what flash back to their tiny faces as a baby.

There is something so heady about this 2 age.  Two of them at 2 is a terrific trip.  It is constantly laughing with them and trying not to laugh at them when you are having a teachable moment.  It’s thrilling in the discovery of things long lost to us adults and reveling in the glory of the new and exciting.


It’s being sad and disappointed and talking about it while feeling all the feelings with them.


They miss things.  They miss people when they are gone.  They miss their toys and the park after they leave.  They are learning about loss.  They are learning that when they rip a library book, they don’t get that library book anymore.  It’s gone and they are sad.  But sadness doesn’t last forever.  It lifts after a time and you can go back to being happy.


They miss each other when they are apart.  I’ve come to the belief that we would all be much better off in this world having a twin.  From the very beginning – in the womb – they are not alone.  It’s not the same as being close in age.  There’s nothing like a multiple.  They are a team and they experience everything together.  They sleep together, they eat together, they play together and they fight together.  Then, they make up.

The compassion and care they show for one another and for us is astounding.  If my kids are kind and compassionate, it will be my greatest joy.


All the early socialization that we want our kids to learn so badly is right there guaranteed whether we want it or not.  But that also carries a burden for us to mediate at times, not often really because they work their shit out. But sometimes, we need to step in and help them figure it out.

I’ve learned to navigate while out on my own with them so well now, even with getting both in and out of the car in a busy lot.  Walking around holding hands through busy city streets with cars and trains and squirrels.  It’s so much easier once they learn to listen and understand what’s happening. My confidence has grown along with theirs.  We got this.

I really just watch them in awe and think how lucky they are to have each other.  And us to have them.  I never knew what it could be like to have a partner in every way from the very beginning and I think it would be an awesome way to live.

When they are scared, the other is there.  When they are silly, the other is laughing.  They play together for long periods of time with no intervention from us and they are perfectly happy.  When they are naughty, the other either nips it in the bud or they form a team of trouble. In the cutest way possible.

“NO GAH.  NO.”

This is their new nightlight.  “RAINBOOOOOOWWWWWWW.  Is so pretty, Mama.”

IMG_1736 (2)

At bedtime last night all they wanted to do was sit on the floor and stare at the rainbow.  They asked me to sit with them and how could I refuse?  So we sat in the glow of a tiny smiling rainbow and talked of colors and pretty. Then after many  “ONE MORE TISS MAMA”, double the hugs, double the kisses and “I WUV U MAMA” they finally fell asleep.  I will always take one last kiss.  As I was pulling up their blankets later in the evening, I found my girl cuddling with the pretty rainbow.

I never understand when people fear twins.  As far as I’m concerned, they are the best thing ever.  Yeah they’re twice as expensive and twice the work, AND THAT FIRST YEAR IS A DOOZY.  But after that, the positives far outweigh the negatives.  People who’ve hung out with us have been won over.  I heard my girlfriend say to another friend that she was a believer in the “they are really great and not terrible!” act.

So twin parents, REJOICE!  We are the lucky ones!


I’ve written A TON about my twins. Their milestones and their discoveries. Our triumphs and our sorrows.  Our worries and our celebrations.  I’ve found our experience is very similar to other twin families and therefore we all relate.  It’s pretty awesome.

Please share this post with all the twin parents you know – expecting or already doing the deal.  We are all in this together!  Twins are TERRIFIC.

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