Today is my Favorite

There will come a day when you aren’t going to think that going to the library with your mom is pretty much the best thing in the world.

But that day is not today.

Today we stop at the Dunkin’ Donut drive thru and as I order a large black coffee and munchkins for your special treat, you yell “PEAS” and “BYE” into the intercom and I hear the ladies laughter inside.  We pull up to the window and all 5 ladies are gathered because they all want to say hi to you. And you just love waving and saying, “HI BYE HEP MY MAMA WIF COFFEE PEAS.”  We go to the library and get books and movies and draw and do storytime or the bibliobop and it’s pretty much America’s greatest resource and one of our greatest sources of joy.


There will come a day when you aren’t going to try to take your feet off (BYE FEET) and laugh uproariously every night when we go through taking shoes off (BYE SHOES) and socks off (BYE SOCKS) to put on pajamas.

But that day is not today.

Today we take our time and discuss our day as we change into our pajamas and brush your teeth and tickle each other and find  all the body parts that we both have.

There will come a day when you won’t wake up saying, “TAYTO” looking for your Mr. Potato Head and then ask, “BEBE TAYTO” wanting your sister to be sure she has hers too (BEBE TAYTO PURSE).  You won’t want to sleep with your NIGHNIGH (Lightning McQueen car) and MIMI (Mater) and Bebe’s Bus. Your MIMI NIGHNIGH BOOKT we got from the library won’t be your favorite thing in the world.

But that day is not today.

Today we make sure you have your favorite cars and Bebe has her babydoll because there is always a special toy that demands attention and you are just the kids to do it.


There will come a day when you won’t want to grab my hand and walk around anywhere we go saying, “MAMA WALKT” and say, “OKAY MAMA DAH MAMA” to everything I say to you.

But that day is not today.

Today you listen so well and hold my hand and we talk about every little thing we see.  Life is happening right in front of our faces and you show me that every second of every day.  You excitedly show me every BEEBOOP and every PANE and every bite of snow you take before and after you sink your chicklet teeth in.

There will come a day when we won’t have 4 distinct handprints on every window and surface in our home.  When every single thing in our house won’t be sticky.  When you won’t want to wipe everything down with a baby wipe to HEP MAMA.

But that day is not today.

Today you pull up your little red chairs and want to watch what I’m doing in the kitchen and help make toast and even test the cat food every so often just to make sure it’s still nasty.  Yup.  You still don’t like it, but I like that you keep giving it a chance because who knows, right?

There will come a day when you don’t want to help dada fill the water (in the humidifier and the water cups each night).

But that day is not today.

Today you take daddy’s hand and go in the bathroom and only screw around a little bit because there is a JOB to do and you run back in your room to show us what you’ve done, beaming with pride that you helped and were a part of our familial unit in helping each other. “BEBE HEP WIF A WAWA!  ME HEP WIF A WAWA!  ME HEP DADA!  DA BEBE!”


There will come a day where you will stay up late and don’t need us to tuck you in.

But that day is not today.

Today we play catch and read books and we all kiss each other goodnight while listing everyone that’s going night night, “MAMA NIGHT NIGHT? DADA NIGHT NIGHT? MOW NIGHT NIGHT? DIDI NIGHT NIGHT?”, etc. forever and ever amen.  My heart is so full with all the people you know in your heart that love you.  And then in the morning (may we all be so lucky) you greet us and each other with a “HI MAMA HI DADA HI BEBE HI GAH HI” that rivals the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard in my life.  To hear you say, “Wuvumama” is one of the reasons I live.  To see you hug and kiss each other so sweetly and be so kind looking out for each other gives me such hope.


It’s not that I’m in denial.  I know you won’t be little forever.  And I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT YOU TO BE.  But people love to rush us along and say, JUST WAIT UNTIL blah blah blah. That’s about the worst thing you can say to someone.  It robs people of their moment.  Their joy in the moment.  Their right now.  We are here now today.  And it is my favorite.  Yesterday was my favorite until today.  I have a sneaky feeling tomorrow will be my favorite.  RIGHT NOW is my favorite. And no matter what anyone says, I can tune it all out and focus on right now and be so grateful.  Even for the terrible days.

And who the hell knows what will happen tomorrow?  Nobody.

We are guaranteed exactly nothing so why would I waste a perfectly good today worrying about an unknown tomorrow?


Today is my favorite.  Because I get to be with you.  Because you see, today – right now – you are 2 years old.  And you are incredible and think that your parents are the greatest people in the world.  And you know what?  I will strive to always be as awesome as you think I am today.  With all my faults, I am a pretty good mom.  And you are my favorite kids in the universe.  I would pick you two out of all the kids, I would keep looking until I found YOU TWO.  You know this story because it’s been told so often and will be told so often for the rest of your lives.  Today and everyday.  All I want to do is be with you.



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