Not the most perfect house on the block

We landed in a vat of chocolate with this new house.  I mean, sure it flooded a month after we moved in and we had to replace half the roof already, but who doesn’t have some immediate problems when they move in, am I right?

We’ve fixed the problems and know what we are dealing with now and for the most part, it is perfect.  For us.

What I mean is, the neighbors and the neighborhood are a dream.  And there was Friday night movie night outside at the neighbors…..what could be better?  One of my neighbors also comes from a city apartment and she says even 3 years later her house feels like a mansion and THAT is the attitude of gratitude I love to be surrounded by!

Here’s the thing though.  Everyone takes such meticulous care of their yard and front stoop and decorations and flowers and MAN.  I am not that woman.  I am the woman who can handle watering a couple mums on her front stoop maybe twice a week with the reminder that pops up every night on my phone along with CHECK DIAPER STOCK.  Like a drone I go and check the diaper stations and then check the flowers to see what is happening.

I keep saying next year I will do better.  I will maybe plant a little garden (with the help of Awesome Nanny who knows about this shit).   But for now, I am just amazed at what is happening.


This is why we can’t have nice things.

See, I got these mums at Costco, 4 for $15 recently and I was all, OH GREAT I CAN HAVE NICE THINGS JUST LIKE ALL THE NEIGHBORS.  Nope.  They kept falling over and breaking and getting smashed to bits because I DON’T HAVE TIME OR MONEY OR ENERGY to plant them in the ground or to even put them in a bigger pot.

I am cheap and easy.  Take that however you like.  I don’t need you to tell me how to do these things.  I don’t need Pinterest to show me how I am lacking in domestic skills.  I don’t give a flying fig, because I am enjoying the hell out of what we have!


front stoop
I mean, COME ON. This is OUR FRONT STOOP! My Mother-in-Law brought a really pretty door hanging for Fall and it just looks glorious.

It’s nothing compared to our neighbors, but that’s what I mean.  I just love it for what it is.  It is perfect!

The great part is I can look around at all our neighbors and just say, OH THAT LOOKS SO NICE!  And really mean it without a tinge of jealousy.  How is that for growth?

Our back yard is filled with weeds and my incredible husband does such a great job maintaining it for our kids.  I mean, it is weed filled but it is OUR VERY OWN BACK YARD.  It doesn’t get any better.

This is the view from upstairs –

01a4ee1c499158b869b301ae07980aab81abb6b878 (2)

BUT THEN, the best part of any home, whether it be a teeny tiny apartment or a big huge (AHEM) mansion like we have, is the INSIDE and the people who live there.

I mean, LOOK AT THIS –

Never in my wildest dreams did I believe I’d have an art gallery on my fancy refrigerator. All the art done by my precious kids and our incredible Nanny. WAIT, I have kids?

See the thing about losing everything at one point in my life is that every damn thing that happens is now a gift.  This life and these kids and this husband and THIS MANSION OF A HOUSE is all a gift.  And as far as I can see, this is the most beautiful fridge I’ve ever seen.  Because it’s ours.  And because of what is inside.  Food glorious and healthy (and some not so healthy) FOOD!   And it is in our Home.

I’ll leave you with this, I don’t want to brag or anything, BUT this is my dining room table –

223 (2)
Those motherfucking gourds died a week after I got them and the flowers lasted about 2 weeks.

On second thought, it looks pretty perfect from where I’m standing.


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