WE DID IT!  We are in our NEW HOME.

I have much to write about and share with you, BUT I AM A LITTLE BUSY and I’m in the midst of an epic blood curdling battle with Comcast about our WiFi (you’ve never heard so many cuss words come out of this woman’s mouth), so I’ve been keeping notes on everything I need to share.

The short story is:

We have a backyard –

This is our grass and our garage even!

We have a basement –

The view from the top of of the stairs.

And we have a fantastic home in the middle of all that.  The babes have their room all set up with their pack n’ plays and temporary blackout shades until we get real ones.

Our kitchen is unpacked and we are getting used to where everything lives now.

Eliza Jane Doolittle has found our bed and that’s all she really cares about. The old lady made it through her 900th move and is still hanging in there.  She comes out at night after the babes go to sleep to eat and drink.

My husband has his man-cave area in the basement – surrounded by toys mind you – but he has an area to play baseball on the PlayStation and watch sporting events that I don’t necessarily want to watch.

The babes have their own bedroom ( I mean they share a room right now, but it is ALL THEIRS) and they have all their toys in the basement where they can run free and destroy!


There are boxes still around and things are in disarray and there is much more to do, but we will get to it eventually.

We live in an area with all Chicago Cops and Firemen and the neighborhood is surreal.  Everyone is so friendly.

The mile walk to and from the new fancy train downtown is a lovely jaunt twice a day.

We live near parks and stores and great restaurants and bars (for DH) and a forest preserve and a great public school AND best of all, we are still in the City of Chicago.

As we explore the area further, we are more and more convinced we made the right choice.  And THAT is worth the price of admission.

we have peonies in our backyard! YES I KNOW ABOUT THE ANTS.

Much more to come…..


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