Let Me be Sad – Sad is Okay

I’m sad.  I’m listening to sad music and luxuriating in the darkness.

Today is the last day of riding the CTA Brown Line train into the Loop for work from our apartment.  We will still be living in the City of Chicago, but will take a different train and a different route.  And it will be good.  But today I am sad. I’m in mourning.  If I stop and think about it too much, I cry.  You see, it all happened here.

We close on our house on Friday and we move on Tuesday next week.

A funny thing happens when you say you are sad.  People immediately try to cheer you up.  Sadness makes people really uncomfortable.  Especially if you are a relatively upbeat person most of the time.  But it’s okay.

The secret is feeling all the feelings in order to really experience the highs and lows.

I don’t want to be cheered up.  I want to feel sad.  I want to mourn.  I want to wrap it around me like a blanket and just feel it’s comforting softness.  And it’s okay. Because it will pass.  It always does.

It’s okay to feel sad.  It’s okay to honor the people around you by allowing them to feel sadness.  Don’t try to take that away from them.  Sadness is beautiful. It’s healing.  It’s all part of the process of moving on.  Don’t rush it. Honor the experience and the moment.  Engage and really get down and dirty and feel it.  It’s the only way to make way for the next step.


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