You are Our People – An Ode to Our Magical Nanny

Each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, when we are up in the morning, ready to play play play, you swoop in with your magic bag and your gentle voice and your smile that lights up the whole block.

We are sad to see Mommy and Daddy go, but we know we are absolutely safe with you and that we will have so much fun.

You give our parents peace when they walk out the door knowing that not only will we sing and dance, but we will learn along the way.

When it is warm we go outside, but even in the long weary winter months, you make it so much fun each day at home.

What do you have to play with today in your bag?  We know we can just look and find something so fun.  A ukulele?  A bird that drinks water?  A craft project that you planned out for us?

You give us good snacks and fill up our waters.

You let us watch Elmo as we calm down after a raucous dance party.

A B C and 1 2 3 and wait, is it time for lunch?  We want what you are having and you always share with us.  You make us delicious food that Mommy would approve of – because let’s face it – she’s pretty great about making sure we eat healthy delicious stuff.

Let’s watch the baby signing time again and look at the drawings you made –

203 202

Now we know fishy and froggy and doggy and cat and so many others.  Ouch and help and outside and gimme.

Today you built us forts and our hair got all staticky and we got so excited we could hardly contain ourselves.

You have this Instagram thingy where our parents can look at pictures of us all day long with your funny and sweet captions.  They will treasure that forever. We will love looking at all of those when we get older.

You let us watch you do everything and talk to us the entire time.  You never seem to lose your cool though sometimes we know we are a bit hard to handle.  When nap time comes and my sister or my brother don’t want to sleep, you let the other one hang out with you quietly and wait.

Our Mommy gets weepy when she thinks of how grateful she is for you in our lives.  I’m glad she writes this blog so we can always remember what it was like.  It’s hard for her to leave us every day.  We bet she’s teary right now writing this.  But you give her the gift of knowing we are loved as much as anyone could love us and so well taken care of while she is gone.


At the end of the day, right at 5pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we wait for the key to turn in  the door and know that it’s our Mommy.  We always sit in a special space and wait with great anticipation because you get us ready for a cute tableau every night when she walks in.  You’ve cleaned everything up and prepared our apartment for a calm evening and Mommy and Daddy are so appreciative.

We know you.  We are excited to see you.  You are our people.  And while that nicks at Mommy’s heart just a tiny little bit, because she has to leave us and doesn’t like it, ultimately she is so grateful you are in our Village and in our family.  You are our people.  No matter where life takes us and even when we are big, you will always be ours.  Always and forever.


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