Elmo and the Twins Party Down

The First Birthday Party is in the books!  My Mother-in-Law teased that I went a bit overboard on the party nonsense – Elmo and Abby Cadabby EVERYTHING – but hey, I only get to do a 1st Birthday once and I went all out in my own way.  These babes love Sesame Street. Yes, we let them watch it in moderation.  So it was a no-brainer as to what their party theme would be.   ELMO.

Off to Party City I bounded gleefully to get all the nonsense!  By the way, can we talk about Party City for a second?  That place is CRAZY!  And what was most bananas was the LOUD piped in muzak that was the saccharine sweet poppy music of today BUT SUNG BY IMPOSTERS.  Oh my god, I thought I was going to lose my ever loving mind in there, but also, I was dancing and singing in spite of myself.  So point to you Party City.  You win this time.  In a creepy alternate universe kind of way.

I was determined to make a cake.  I stressed as I am NOT A BAKER.  Then I let the stress go and decided I would make an Elmo cake and if it turned out to be disastrous, I would have a back up cake.  I ordered a grocery store cake.   I have enough stress without worrying about a daygum cake, am I right?  Anytime I can let something go, I try to.  As someone who likes to think she’s easy breezy, but really is a total control freak, letting go is a newish skill for me, but serves me so well.  I know what’s really important and at the end of the day, it ain’t cake.

There were about 20-plus family members at the party and I didn’t want to inflict Elmo on them if it went horribly wrong.


elmo cake

I needn’t have worried so much!  The cake actually turned out well!  AND people ate the entire thing OF THEIR OWN VOLITION leaving the other cake to sit in a corner weeping silently wishing for just one friend.

Now, the babes were not feeling tip top.  My girl was coming off a cold and my boy was just getting a cold, so to be fair, there was A LOT of crying that day. But there were many joyous moments and we will remember it forever. Mostly because of the video we have with my boy bursting out in tears during “Happy Birthday”.  As my husband said, “That’s forever, dude.”

There was noshing


and balloons.


There were lovely generous gifts


and there was smock wearing cake destruction!


Just the eyeballs for these two as all the red was too much for this mama’s constitution. They really only ingested a bit of sugar as they didn’t really know what to make of it.  Silly toddlers.  They’ll learn.

Here’s the thing.  When a 1-year-old isn’t feeling well, nothing is going to make him happy.  My girl was doing ok, but I believe they feed off each other’s energy and she was crying in sympathy with him.  We have a big family and while we are surrounded by love and laughter and incredible generosity, it’s just a lot of people which is overwhelming for me, so I can’t imagine what that feels like to the wee ones.  All things considered they did just fine.  We had some crying and screaming, and some laughing and smiling.  And that was just the adults.  What more could you ask for in a First Birthday Party?

Sunday night after the party as I sat at home reflecting on the day while shoveling leftover sad sheet-cake in my mouth, I made a decision.  The party was over, officially marking the end of the first year.   My One-Year-Warranty on these babes is officially over so I’ve made my decision.  I’m going to keep them.  And continue to love every second with them to the fullest of my ability.

And now, for you to enjoy – click here for some belly laughing from my girl.  Wonder where she heard that kind of thing to mimic?


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