Happy First Birthday to My Twins

One year ago I posted this picture.  My shortest and most viewed post to date.  We used their faces as newborns because they all look alike, right?  WINK.

Here we are.  One year later.  Can you believe it?  I actually can as I feel like this year hasn’t gone too quickly or too slowly, it’s been just right.  They were so tiny when they were born at 5+ and 6+ pounds, I can’t believe we have two over 20-pounders today.

We’ve experienced the sleep deprivation and the colic, we had a baby helmet  and many first teeth.  He has 8 and she has 3 with the 4th bursting through.  We’ve had smiles and laughter and terrible diaper rash that almost made us cry along with them.  We’ve got one walker and one so close she can taste it.  We have super star eaters, who gobble up every weirdo vegetable concoction their mommy puts in front of them.

My boy is particularly fond of books and studies everything so carefully, while my girl wants to show us everything she sees and experiences.  The waving at us, at each other, at the floor and the fan is the stuff dreams are made of.  They are with each other 24 hours a day and yet, when they see each other they get so overcome with excitement they start to bounce and shake and laugh at the sight of each other.  They crawl walk up to me just for hugs and kisses now with a big silly grin on their face and that right there, is the greatest gift I’ve ever received in my life second only to sobriety.

Many folks will say we survived this first year and that YAY they are still alive.  And while that’s funny, it’s also true.  There were a few treacherous spans there that we didn’t even think we would get through, but we did.  And more than that, we’ve loved every crazy moment of it.  It’s been trying at times but more so it’s been an absolute blast.

With multiples in particular, people love to tell you how hard the first year will be and how you will never sleep again. Nobody tells you how hard you will laugh and how fiercely you will love.   I get to bear witness to this developing bond that will only intensify with time and experience.  I feel like I’ve won the lottery with twins.  Having just come off almost 3 straight weeks being with them non-stop, I am just in awe of these two little monsters.  They play together so much sometimes I feel guilty that I just observe them so often.  They are their own little unit and the way they interact with each other is truly awe inspiring.

It’s been this  – 38 weeks and ready to pop!


To this – One year old powerhouses diving right into the world around them!


These babies have given me so much more than I’ve given them.  They’ve already tested my abilities and my patience giving me the gift of growing so much as a person.  They’ve expanded my capacity for love and compassion in a way nothing else could.  Thank you, my sweetest hearts for giving me this life beyond my wildest dreams.  Happy First Birthday to my twins.  My heart.  It’s absolutely bursting.  It’s my goal in life to make your dreams come true, just as you’ve made mine.  You make my dreams come true!

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