Hope is the Very Essence of Strength

I heard someone say today that hope is for the weak.

I am not weak. You are not weak.

Hope is wanting to believe even when you’ve been proven wrong over and over and over.

Hope is wishing that people ultimately do what is kind, what is good, what is right. Even when they continue to fail us.

Hope is seeing someone in need and reaching out because it’s just your gut instinct – without expecting anything in return.

Hope is watching children view the world and really listening to what they think about it all. It will change you.

Hope is sticking around until you see the miracles happen.

Hope is having dreams crushed over and over and over and yet still having the audacity to dream.

Hope is exhausting.

Hope is grace giving.

Hope is grace receiving.

Hope is life affirming.

Hope takes practice.

Hope takes courage.

Hope takes persistence.

Hope takes resistance.

Hope is not weakness.

Hope is not naivety.

Hope still exists, even when detaching with love.

Hope causes strangers to be moved by what you say and do and share.

Hope sees reality and STILL chooses to want better. Want more.

Hope is strong. Hope carries us through. Hope passes itself on.

To practice hope means you will be hurt.

To practice hope means you will be delighted.

To practice hope is the very essence of strength.


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