Welcoming Summer: A Quite Bad Poem

I am no poet, but I present for you to enjoy –

Welcoming Summer: A Quite Bad Poem

School is near over, we soon say good-bye,
missing our teacher, we (mommy) will probably cry.
We had such a great year,
we won’t see our friends again we fear.
Reassurance comes in the form of water parties and park dates,
the Summer is full of possibilities – and possibly roller skates!
Shirts deep and well-stained with drippy ice cream,
bright band-aids each – one on every seam.

Cherry juice dripping
Wet shorts slipping
Shoes proudly fastened on the wrong feet,
sand everywhere – how did it get there – how neat!
Running outside in the Summer showers,
the sun is still out, thankful are the flowers.
Patiently peering above the housing row,
there it is – A DOUBLE RAINBOW.


Yell at the neighbor, come out and see!
No camps, no classes, what joy, what glee!
Weekend trips and weekday adventures
the backyard is full of too many treasures.
“Hope you have a good summer and welcome to our garden! We wish you all the best!”
with a greeting like that, we consider this garden blessed.
Gardening and soccer and riding our bikes,
chalk drawings and bubbles and long winding hikes.
Sunscreen and baths outside,
you count to 20, and I’ll go hide.

This Summer is bursting with promise, you can just smell it in the ever-warming breeze.
When I see the flowers and wonder at the perfect blue sky, it brings me to my knees.
I’ve never been a big fan of Summer, but now I see the promise,
this is the good stuff that I couldn’t bear to miss.

Long days and warm, muggy nights,
arguments and hand holding and working through fights.
Gratitude flowing.
Tan lines showing.
How lovely to have this time, it feels quite heady.
Summer is soon here – are you ready?

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