Things I Love Thursday – Avocado Toast

That’s right, I’m bringing TILT back!  Things I Love Thursday is back in the house! Now, I cannot promise I will be able to do it every week, but enough of you have told me you miss it for me to want it back as well.

So, without further ado, I give you – Avocado Toast.


I posted my breakfast on my personal Facebook this morning (because who doesn’t love THAT person) with the caption “I hope I never get to a place in my life where I no longer think avocado toast is a luxury”.

And what I mean by that is, I feel like a royalty (I mean, what I think they must feel like) whenever I eat it.  It feels decadent and at the same time super healthy.  It feels like a treat and yet fuels my body.  Now, I won’t say I eat this way every day.  I don’t.  But when the avocados are on sale at the Jewels and my husband gets a bunch, the kids and I all get some!

A few friends offered their take on how they enjoy their avocado toast –

Julie said, “I thought maybe it was Tajin, which I put on everything. Pears, popcorn, an English muffin with cream cheese.”

Ashbey said, “Try a slice of horseradish cheese and you’ll feel like a queen… ”

Mimi said, “I put sliced hard boiled eggs on top.”

Now, my friends are FANCY.  I am a gal of simple tastes and to me, a good piece of bread toasted with smashed avocado sprinkled with sea salt and cracked black pepper tastes like heaven.

Like many things in my life, good, healthy, delicious food is not to be taken for granted.  I hope I always feel this way.  Much like the idea of DRINK THE FANCY DRINKS ALREADY, treating myself feels luxurious and a bit extra.  And it feels (and tastes) really good.

I’ve said many times that my goal is to eat as well as my kids do, but we moms know how difficult this can be to achieve.  Why am I feeding my kids such healthy food (mostly) and eating garbage myself?  I’m trying to do better.

I’m joining the gym in the Sears Tower because it’s brand new and there is a super cheap rate for tenants of the building.  So, if I’m going to do that, I should probably quit eating s’mores in bed all the time, huh.  I say this here for accountability.  I mean, I can’t quit bed pie altogether but Christ on a bicycle woman, EAT A GD VEGETABLE THIS WEEK.

Avocado toast is the Thing I Love this Thursday. Tell me how you like yours!


BONUS TILT – Look at these two.  TODAY IS MY FAVORITE.


I used to do these TILTs every week.  Check them out here.  Many before babies.  WHAT?

Bonus bonus  TILT – That picture of the Avocado Toast – the book underneath the plate is part of a series we love, The Day the Crayons Quit.  YAY LIBRARIES!


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