Just because I’m not shouting doesn’t mean I don’t rage

We with the tender hearts.

It hurts to watch.  To listen.  To read.  It hurts my tender heart to feel the hate and the fear in the words behind the snarled teeth and the overbearing gestures.  The shots fired and received.  The venom and the sharing of it wide and far.

My heart was not made for this battle.  I have no business here – in these times.  And yet, here I am.  Are you here too?

Seeing too much. Diving into conversations that we would never be privy to if not for social media. A blessing and a curse.

We need to be informed.  We need to pay attention to our sources and seek out the truth.  We need to pay close attention to what is happening to our fellow men and women.  We owe it to each other to keep up.

And yet, for we tender hearts – we empaths – when it gets too much, when it gets too dark and too cavernous to see a way out, we owe more to ourselves.  We must climb our way out.

We must seek out the light in whatever form that takes.  Find your light.  Find it.  Go to it.

We have control over what we see.  What we hear.  What we say and what we do.  And while it’s so hard to walk away sometimes, that’s the very best thing for our safety.  For our sanity.  We have so much social justice to uphold, but it doesn’t rest solely on your shoulders.

Take a break.  Please.

Just because I’m not shouting doesn’t mean I don’t rage.  

Balance.  Don’t lose your empathy.  Let it grow and flourish rather than flounder.  It doesn’t mean that I am passive if I am not screaming.  It doesn’t mean that I care less for one issue if I’m addressing something else.  We are capable of caring about so many things all at once.

Let’s grant each other grace.  Let’s grant ourselves grace.

Tender hearts, I am with you.  I will cosign on your tender heart.

This is how we carry on  – together.  By carrying each other along, even when you cannot seem to do it for yourself.  We sensitive beings bear this burden heavier than those that can let things slide right away.  We feel it in our bones and our souls hurt.

Yet, we are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, daughters and sons, lovers and partners and husbands and wives, friends and family, employees and citizens of this planet that desperately needs us.  Now.

Speak up for those without a voice, provide safety for those that have less than.  It doesn’t need to be flashy and garish.  It just needs to be.

The folks that scream the loudest often aren’t heard or respected.  This quieter and steadfast love that so many of us are choosing is stronger.  It is lasting.  It endures.


I will cosign on your tender heart.  Will you cosign on mine?  Let’s keep taking care of each other and ourselves.  Take a break.   Pause.  Remember that we rarely change people’s minds by hurling insults.  Remember you don’t have to attend every argument you are invited to and remember to always keep bed pie on hand in case of emergency.

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