My Face Did Not Always Look Like This and I Blame My Children

We were out on a walk to the park when of course I was taking funny pictures because that’s what we do, when a mistake shot caught my attention.


You see it?

That little line in between my brows.  The one that reeks of worry and frustration and exhaustion and BEING A MAMA to a couple precious little angels.

Well, my face did not always look like this and I blame my children.

I am vain.  Always have been, always will be, I fear.  And that’s ok.  Because while I admit being vain, I also admit that I just don’t really care all that much nowadays.

All that said, I didn’t have this line 3 years ago.  Nope.  It was smooth sailing up there above my brows.  Sure, these brows are wily and all, but there wasn’t this great divide.

It started happening 3 years ago.

It started before they were conceived of hope, love and science.

It began to really take shape in the early months – when I wasn’t sure I really wanted to do this after all.

It’s been gaining steam and chugging along each day as these kids learn more words and grow in independence.

Each day, miraculous little occurrences lead up to the awesome little people they are developing into before our eyes.

Each day new little lines form and grow and take up residence on my once smooth, young, unknowing, naive little face.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the lines on this mom’s face.

Frustration and worry.  The way they don’t seem to listen and yet, listen too closely.  The way they run away instead of running toward.

The dangers.  The cost.  The heartbreak you know they will experience one day soon.  It’s all manifesting right there on my face.

But then let’s look around at the rest of this face.  Let me take you on a tour, if you will, of the Lines of our Life.

PicMonkey Collage

You see not only the impasse in the middle of my brow, but the laugh lines.  Around my eyes and around my mouth.


Well, my face did not always look like this and I blame my children.

All those lines around my eyes and around my mouth?  They come from smiling and laughing.  And years ago, I didn’t have those lines.

Now, sure, you could say, YOU WERE YOUNG, DUMMY.  NOBODY HAS LINES WHEN THEY ARE YOUNG.  And you would be right.  But I also contend that the greatest joy I’ve ever known has been life with these kids.

And that is surely worth a few construction beams smacking me on my face from here on out.

Because when I get to walk through life with these two, telling jokes, or possibly behind me planning my demise, the lines don’t matter one bit.



p.s. the first one to say JUST WAIT UNTIL…. gets a knuckle sandwich.  xoxo

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