I Wrote a Funny Comment on a Humans of New York Post and What Happened Next is a GD TRAVESTY

Yesterday I commented on what was a lighthearted Humans of New York post.


It hasn’t even been 24 hours and that comment has gotten 12.5 THOUSAND likes and 250+ comments.  Now.  I left that comment just as a joke as I was leaving work yesterday.  What happened showed me that we should all just pack up and quit the internet because people are terrible.  So many people can’t take a joke and many will come in and try to make you feel like shit for the 10 or so words you string together.

I thought the picture and caption were funny so I left a funny comment.  I never in a million years would have guessed that I would be attacked for it.  But I should’ve known better right? I should just stick here with you people forever.

You know what people were all uppity about?  SANTA CLAUS.  I hadn’t even given it a thought as I posted this.  It was just a funny comment.  BUT HOLY HELL ARE PEOPLE MAD THAT I SAID THE WORDS SANTA CLAUS.  THAT I WOULD LIE TO MY KIDS ABOUT SANTA CLAUS.  OH , and also.  I shouldn’t be taking my kids to wrestling matches.  (*@%()$#&%*$(@&%$(*%^$@()%*$@)_&^%*$@()&%)#@!&%$U@.


OK.  Sorry.   That was me using every swear in the book.

I do not care what you do think santa claus.  I do not care what you think about wrestling.  I do not care what you think about my parenting.  I do not care if you are a blue furry monster who eats eyeballs for lunch.  You know what I care about?  Having a lighthearted laugh sometimes because jesus god do we all need it.

Sure there were a few folks in there that were all DUMPSTER MAMA HEY GIRL HEY and thank you for that and a few that were like YOU GO GIRL but for the most part is was madness.  MADNESS I TELL YOU.

Honestly, it’s giving me a headache behind my eyeballs.  And that’s no good.   And I KNOW.  DO NOT EVER READ THE COMMENTS.  I usually stick to that rule because it’s too depressing.  But this was my comment people were commenting on so I kept getting notifications so I kept looking UGH UGH UGH.  I mean, people got angry and defensive and accusatory and self righteous and the women haters were there too.   It was all too much.  AND THIS WAS ON HONY.  One of the places I thought was safe.  Over that comment?

I used to be really really angry.  I used to fire off on anybody that was in my path or disagreed with me or just to get a kick.  I don’t do that anymore.  People really can change.  I try to find empathy today.  I never know what’s going on with someone and chances are some of these folks are going through something but really?  You gotta give me shit for this?

I tried to go back in and explain but it didn’t matter.

I don’t need to go after people anymore like I used to, HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean I lie down and take it either.

So I’ve decided to share some of the comments and have some fun.  Kind of like when that show does the people reading mean tweets about themselves.

My favorite, least creative comments (and if people left them, they are public) are the ones that go like this:
“Your an idiot.”
Ahem.  No comeback needed for that one as it does all the work for itself.


There were some really nice comments, like, HEY LOL.  That’s all this required.


Then there was this person.  Really angry about something they have no clue about.  They have no idea what I tell my kids about Santa, but that didn’t stop them from going after it.  I don’t know which is worse.  When it comes from women (OUCH) or from men (AGGRESSIVE and MISOGYNISTIC MUCH?).


More folks telling me what a terrible parent I am.  From that one comment.




Somebody accusing me of not being fun at parties, which, TO BE FAIR, is true.  Because I’m usually in the bathroom or back room with the kids or your dogs or cats, but WHATEVER.  Not the point.

The posts where men called me bitch and dumb bitch, well I reported those dudes IMMEDIATELY.  That is not ok.  Some of their comments are gone already.


The point is, the comments go on and on and on like this.  My only consolation is that 12k folks think I’m funny and liked my comment without leaving a dumb comment.  And to those who had my back, THANK YOU.

I know we all have our insecurities, but in a situation like this where the comment was funny, HAD A GD SMILEY EMOJI, and isn’t that serious considering all that’s going on in the world, do you REALLY need to come for me?  REALLY?

WELL GUESS WHAT MOTHEREFFERS.  I have my people.  I have a fine group of people assembled of like mind and heart on most things and even when we differ we do it respectfully and with love.  So I am OK.  I am always OK.  Even when I’m not, I still am.  You know what I’m saying?

I have my people.  But a lot of folks don’t and they are out on the internet lost and looking for connection and then they get this.  So MY GOD just be kind.  OR if you cannot be kind, JUST KEEP SCROLLING.

I AM EXHAUSTED.  But feel better after sharing my load.  I love you people.  Thank you for GETTING A JOKE.

This is the song that was playing in my headphones as I got on the elevator to go to work today.

I know I talk about and practice kindness all the damn time, but I mean, really.  Sometimes you just gotta own this shit.

p.s. PLEASE do not go over there and cause a ruckus.  It’s all good.  I just want it to calm a bit.  You know?  I’m not deleting my comment though because that shit was FUNNY.

p.s.s. I’d love to hear from Dirtbag Dan because I bet he thought it was funny.

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