Some Dude at Fox 32 Telling Women They Shouldn’t Wear Hats in Freezing Chicago Weather While On Air

That headline says it all doesn’t it?

This article by Robert Feder is making the rounds on my Facebook feed with all my favorite people in Chicago this morning.

Dan Salamone, an executive producer at Fox-owned WFLD-Channel 32, this week told the women who report on “Good Day Chicago” not to wear hats during their outdoor live shots this winter, sources said Tuesday.

Salamone’s directive, which he did not issue to male reporters, said the women would “look a lot better without hats” and should go without them from now on. He’d be willing to make an exception, he said, “if it’s 20 below.”

Ahem.  Let me get this straight.  Some dude sitting inside in his office is telling ONLY FEMALE reporters OUTSIDE in Chicago to stop wearing hats in the cold?

I would think this was satire BUT IT IS NOT.

I just cannot even wrap my head around this.

Look, dude.  If you want to bark unrealistic, masochistic, sexist orders and spout nonsense, I think you’d better go back to Fox News.  OH WAIT.  It’s like they just try to alienate people and keep us moving backwards.

Do you think people enjoy watching women freeze on tv?  Do you think that people would enjoy watching men freeze uncomfortably on tv?  I would say that people who enjoy that have a bit of a problem.  You included.

I want women to succeed. I want women to be appreciated.  I want women to be paid as much as men.  I want women to be valued for their contributions.  I want women to be proud of all they are and what they look like.   

Are you helping with any of those things when you make an asinine statement or rule like not wearing hats in the freezing cold?


Now.  I am 99% positive this dude is also telling women to SMILE on the regular and is on the receiving end of far too many women wanting to throw a shoe at his warm head wrapped in his cozy hat.  GRRRRRRR.

I hope the women you employ are raging against your orders.  I really really hope they are.  I hope you get huge backlash.  For while this may seem trite to you, that’s exactly the reason it’s a big effing deal to a lot of us.

I’ve got little kids and if they were ever to watch your program and ask why that woman looks freezing and why doesn’t she have a hat on, would you really want me to explain that some dude told her she couldn’t because he thought she looked better without one?   HELL NO.  A whole lot of us out here are working our butts off to CHANGE THE MESSAGE.  And a ton of men are included in that hard work.  But not you.  NO.  You are really going to stick it to us, aren’t you.  GOOD FOR YOU.

Let me tell you something.  I have lived in Chicago my entire life.  It is cold.  We women wear hats.  And we are not only fucking awesome, but we look totally rad in our hats.  Walk around this city you represent and take a look – WITHOUT telling any of us to smile – and you’d see that.

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