What I Really Mean When I Say Good Morning

In the still dark quiet before they wake each morning, I hear the rustle.  I hear the two distinctive voices saying “Mama?”
“Good morning Mama.”
“Good morning Gah.”
“Oh good morning Bebe.”
As if it had been weeks since we’ve all seen each other, though it’s only been a nighttime, we are delighted by the reunion, refreshed and ready to face a day of wonder and challenge.

Good morning.  What I really mean when I say good morning is may I be kind and may I be useful.


As we sit on beds and wake up slowly and sweetly, we talk of our dreams and our hopes for the day.  We talk of our clothes that we still have on from the night before (HEY I STILL HAVE DIS ON – MY FIRETRUCKS!) and the books in our beds and the stuffed animals who comfort us as we sleep.

Good morning.

We look out the window and say GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE even on cloudy days.  Because even when it’s cloudy, the sun still shines.  Though it may be hidden, there is still light.

The lightness doesn’t come naturally to me.  I have to find it, search for it, so we do it together.

Is it rainy or sunny? Is it cloudy or clear?  Is it cold or warm?

What will the day bring?  So many possibilities.  So many chances.  So many choices.

As I leave my kids in the morning 3 days a week, I leave with these words, “I love you.  Be a good listener today.  Be kind.  Be brave.  Be awesome.  I am so proud of you.  I love you so much.”

May I be kind and may I be useful.

Good morning.

They make me better.  They make me want to be better each day. But even if they weren’t here, I still need to practice.  And each morning we get a new chance.  No matter what happened yesterday, if we lost our temper or acted unkindly toward each other, today is a new start.  Thankfully we only have to live 24 hours at a time.

May I be kind and may I be useful.  My simple wish for each day.  

When I pass you on the street and say good morning, I have a secret wish. For all of us.  May I be kind and may I be useful.  

But then it’s up to me to act. When I am kind and useful, I rarely regret it. I rarely get myself in trouble. I am rarely in my own head.

So I say good morning.  And I show up.  Even on days I really really don’t want to.


And that’s how I find the gratitude.  It’s always there when I look for it.  When I make the choice.  Good morning.

Pro-tip – It also really helps to blast some Janet in your ears and do the Rhythm Nation dance on the bridge while walking to work.


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