Free for the Taking

I walked into the office kitchen this morning to find this –


My immediate reaction was to laugh.

My next reaction was to find a bag and a way to sneak it all out.

And then I went into the ladies room.

And I laughed some more.


I look so normal (I DO COME ON) but my brain is not normal.  My brain still tells me to GRAB AND DRINK ALL THE BOOZE.


And then I said THANK YOU.

Because I don’t have to do that anymore.


“Enjoy – free for the taking”

Well I haven’t enjoyed a drink in years and years.  Years before I quit it stopped being enjoyable and I was a slave to its dark power.  And it was never ever free.  With each drink there was massive guilt, shame, regret and remorse.

So while many can enjoy and be thankful it’s free for the taking for those like me, it’s a box full of death. I’m just thankful I know that now immediately (well, maybe 2 seconds pause – old habits die hard) without any struggle.


So yes, in another lifetime my gut reaction would have taken over and I would have been gone.  But not today.  Today there is only gratitude.  For one more day sober.

“Enjoy – free for the taking”

You know what else is free for the taking?  Sobriety and freedom.  I am taking that shit.


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