10 Simple Ways to Feel Better When Everything Seems Terrible

I am depressive.  I am comfortable in a funk.  I get down and dirty deep and dark and desperate.  I’m not talking about depression that needs to be medicated, but just a period of time where everything is terrible in my own head.  They are two different things, and I don’t pretend that being clinically depressed is something you can just snap out of.  I’ve been there too.  I know the difference.

These little funks I get into require me to snap out of it.  To pull myself up.  I work to claw my way out when I’m ready.  It may seem trite, but these are some things that make me perk up a bit and help me climb out.  I don’t pretend that these fix everything, but they do give a little boost.  I’m not saying don’t feel the sadness or the funk.  It’s important we feel all the feelings.  But it’s also important we don’t stay there too long.

Here are some things that help me.  Please add your own in the comments!

  1. Lip color.  Now I know, it’s silly.  But to me, a good lip (or maybe to you a good eye color or hair color or a new frock or shoes) is day altering.  It gives me a kick and sometimes that kick is just what I need to put a little smile on my face.  Today I’m wearing a pink lip that is new to me and I’m in love.  Instant mood booster.  It’s ColourPop.
    Samantha turned me on to them and I bought a few as they are only $5.  Plus you get something fun delivered right to your door.  
  2. Shower.  As someone who is in a funk (SEE WHAT I DID THERE), a shower can seem like the most daunting task ever.  But every time I lug my resistant body up the stairs to shower, I feel better.  It works.
  3. Pie with a friend.  As much as I’m someone that likes to make plans and then cancel at the last minute, because that’s my favorite, a meet up with a friend is usually a perfect way to break the funk.  It gets me outside myself for a few minutes hearing about someone else and takes the focus off poor poor pitiful me.  Also, PIE.
  4. Taking a walk and finding the beauty.  Go on.  Whether it’s inside or outside, just go walk a bit if you are able.  I find taking photos of what I find intriguing or beautiful helps me appreciate how big the world is and how small I am and that whatever I’m in a funk about will pass.  It always does.
  5. Gratitude list.  You knew I’d throw that in there, right?  It helps.  It really does.  List 5 things you are grateful for right now this minute, no matter how badly you don’t want to and just see if you don’t feel a bit lighter.
  6. Great big hugs.  Find somebody willing and able and hug that sucker tight.  Let them hug you back.  A good long hug, they say for 20 seconds, can do wonders.  It seems like forever at first, that 20 seconds, but it melts you down.
  7. Read.  A book. It’s so easy to get caught up in reading everything online, and while I love you to read my blog (ahem), it’s so important to get offline and read a real book.  Connect with the words and disconnect from social media and what everyone else is doing for a while.  I have to practice this every day, but I’m so relieved to turn off for a while when I do it.  I always feel better.
  8. Music.  Get your headphones on or pump it up loud and listen to a good boogie.  Bonus points for busting out your moves.  Even extra points for dancing with kiddos.  I cannot be down when I hear Earth Wind and Fire.  Or a good love song and cry.  Or a country song that makes you realize that hey, you don’t have it so bad in your life anyway and look at the simple things in life that are extraordinary.  Also, COWBOY BOOTS always make me happy.
  9. Do something you are passionate about.  What do you feel best doing?  Gardening, knitting, fashion, writing, playing with your kids.  If it’s not hurting anyone, and bonus points if you are helping others, DO IT.  Get into it.  I don’t care what you are passionate about, as long as you are feeling it in your whole being.  Do you love it? Are you happier while doing it?  GET ON THAT.
  10. Help some other being.  Animal, plant or human.  It’s just a proven fact that helping others and getting outside yourself is good for your soul.

This is just a jumping off point.  Tell me some of the things you do to improve your state of being when in a funk.


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