What the heck are those 2-year-old toddlers eating?

I get lots of “What the heck are those 2-year-old toddlers eating?” requests, so this is for you!  And PLEASE.  Keep in mind, this is what WE do for our family.  What you do for your family is perfect.  To each their own.

Now that they are almost 2 years old (January 7th — Woot-yay for healthy 2-year-olds!), I honestly haven’t found anything we won’t give them. I mean, we aren’t big meat eaters (I’m vegetarian and my husband is a moderate meat eater) and when we try to give it to them, they just aren’t’ all that interested, so everything else is easily chewed and swallowed by this point.  And I mean everything!

If you’ve been around toddlers you know they want what you have.  So I give it to them!  We started giving them finger food immediately at 6 months (avocado, banana, sweet potato)*, and never really did baby food.  We just did adult food in baby portions.  And it worked great.  The thing is, toddler food isn’t any different from adult food.  I mean barring anything too too spicy, they like good food.  Just like us.

They drink almond/coconut milk and only a little at that.  Sometimes at bed time, and at times with a meal.  BUT they drink water and only water all damn day (and night).  ALWAYS BE HYDRATING.

I try to get organic when possible, but I’m not obsessive about it.  I try to get healthy versions of things or make healthy versions of things when possible.  But they also get little treats here and there.  That’s why they’re a treat, because they only get them once in a while.

I supplement with pouches of organic veggies and other good stuff on days they haven’t eaten a balanced meal because you know how toddlers are.   The pouches and bars really help out.

*I’ve written a couple posts about what my babes eat – here are the two links:  the first one was when they were 10-months old and the second one was when they were about a year – Meal ideas for 1 year olds.

With the help of our Nanny Nikki, I’ve compiled a lot of pictures (i.e. WAIT DON’T EAT THAT TIL MOMMY TAKES A PICTURE) for your toddler culinary pleasure.  And also, we have a little red table and chairs in case you didn’t know.  WINK.

Here we go:

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