5 reasons I love FROZEN. Especially number 4.

We had kids at exactly the right moment.  The moment of Frozen.  Now that my twins are 21 months old, I can safely say we’ve watched this movie approximately 9,548,012 times.  Yet I still cannot get enough.  I may be in the minority, but it’s not in the least bit annoying to me for the following reasons:

  1. My kids sit through an entire movie without getting up and running around and getting distracted once.  It doesn’t happen every time of course, but this is the first and still ONLY movie that they will sit through.  Now, we are flying to Phoenix at Thanksgiving and you can bet your ass we will happily watch Frozen in-flight.  Now sitting through an entire movie may seem like a negative to some of you who don’t let your kids watch screens, but for us it is a BLESSING.
  2. My boy loves Anna.  Like LOVES HER.  He watches the beginning (SPOILER ALERT) and says, “oh no Anna” in his sweet little voice every time when she falls after Elsa strikes her with her magic. Compassion.  Right there.  He gets that something bad has happened and knows that it’s sad and it makes him care about Anna.  He continues to watch to make sure she is ok.  SPOILER ALERT – she is.
  3. Olaf and Sven.  My girl loves Olaf so much and when our friend who works at Disney brought these two our way, she exploded.  She immediately hugged him and loved on him with the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen.  She connected with him on a deep level and that’s something I hadn’t seen before.  A couple minutes before Olaf waddles onto the screen my boy starts squealing, “BEBE BEBE BEEEBEEE (his nickname for her) because he knows Olaf is coming and knows how excited she gets to see him.  Feeling happiness for someone other than themselves.
  4. The dancing and the singing.  Now I know all you parents out there know this part.  The joy of watching your kiddos dance and sing is one of the most pure forms of joy we will ever have in this lifetime.  I don’t ever ever take it for granted.  I just let it wash over me every chance I get.  In amazement.  I MEAN LOOK AT THEM DANCING AND SINGING!  Our kids!  It comes from such a deep purely instinctual place for them to dance and sing and we all had that at one time so where does it go?  I know for a fact most of you readers still have it. You work to keep it.  May we always sing and dance.  For our kids. FOR OURSELVES.
  5. The little funny jokes and nuances.  My husband and I have long been Disney fans.  So you can criticize all you want, but we are lifers.  The “tick tock tick tock” part Anna does was one of the first parts my kids imitated without any prompting and I was astounded.  How do they do that?  The way they can anticipate and look forward to certain parts and enjoy them over and over again is a gift.  At the end when Anna is unfrozen?  My boy is always so intent on watching what happens like he’s never seen it before.  Patience and payoff.  They both know the funny parts and they know the somber parts.  They react.   THEY KNOW HOW TO REACT.  Little humans are astounding.

When I watch Frozen I don’t get annoyed.  I am encouraged by all the positive characteristics it’s bringing out in my kids!  It’s a pleasure and a joy and I know I will have a soft spot for this movie and it’s characters for the rest of my life.  Even when they sing the songs 9 million times and I want them to maybe keep it down a bit, I will just remember where it all started. You can call me crazy, but I will fondly remember all the things that Frozen brought to our home.  And be thankful.

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