Living in Gratitude

Gratitude breeds compassion.  Compassion stirs action.  Action helps others. 

What does it mean to live in gratitude?  For me, it simply means every moment, every action, every person you encounter, is worthy of recognition and compassion.  Because you know.  You know what this life can do to people and you know what it means to persevere.

How can I be grateful for the stupendous moments and not for the terrible heart-breaking moments?  Life does not exist on one level.  And the sweet would not be as succulent without the sour.

If I’m grateful for this fantastic new home we have, how can I not be grateful for the flooded basement and the leaky roof?  As annoying and expensive as it is, it’s all part of home ownership.  And that means I AM A HOMEOWNER.

To be able to look out into my backyard and feel as though I’m on vacation AND have neighbors who are becoming friends?  That is priceless.

How can I be grateful for these two perfectly healthy beautiful awe-inspiring children I have and my incredible husband and family, without acknowledging the hard work and conflict that has come with this whole package? It’s hard work establishing boundaries and mutual respect.  But boy is it gratitude inducing when it all starts working.  Thanks to sobriety and learning what the concept of boundaries even means, I’ve been able to incorporate them into my life and we are all much healthier as a result.

How can I be grateful for my life today if I am not thankful for all the awful times?  I am not a victim.  As an adult – and even as a child to a certain extent – everything that has happened to me, I’ve been responsible.  I am also responsible for moving toward the light.  For going after what I want and not complaining when it doesn’t go my way.  For taking life by the balls and GOING AFTER what I want.  If I don’t get it, it’s not because the world is against me.  It’s because there is something else out there for me.  OR I need to keep trying.  Failure is not the end.  Failure is just a step. And I’ve learned a hell of a lot more from my failures than from my successes.

Gratitude is contagious.  I see it in people around me.  I see it in animals around me.  You have to share it to keep it.  It’s something that costs nothing yet means everything.  You know when people have it.  They shine.  You want to be around them.  What if we all had that?  What if we all radiated gratitude and courage and love all the time?  What would happen?  What if we all encouraged one another instead of judged?  What if we actually told people what they mean to us and how awesome they are without holding back for fear of their response?  What if we just helped others because we are moved to do so? Because it is the right thing to do.  Because people have helped us.  This is how I’m living today.

Gratitude breeds compassion.  Compassion stirs action.  Action helps others.  

What about you?  Are you grateful for all of it?  The good, the really beautiful and the terribly awfully horribly ugly?  Gratitude encompasses everything.  If you’re grateful, you are grateful.  Not just for the good shit that happens in your life.  For all the shit.  Let’s pass that shit on, yo!  Gratitude breeds compassion.  Compassion stirs action.  Action helps others.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Life is so damn good.


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