All the ways 18-month-olds are Incredible

My babes are A YEAR AND A HALF TODAY.  Whoa.  They were just blobs not too long ago and now they are absolutely incredible little humans.

People tend to say, “oh they are getting so big!” or “stop them from getting any bigger!” As if getting bigger is a bad thing.  That bugs me.  Each moment, each development is perfect and right on time.  If you spend time missing when they are babies, you miss everything.  I am so grateful mine are getting bigger and these kids are way more fun than babies, I’ll tell you that much right now.  Living in the moment means each moment is perfect, just as it is.  Don’t look back or look forward or you miss RIGHT NOW.

And right now is AWESOME is all these ways:

The way she looks at me as I’m brushing her hair in the morning.  She holds the rubber bands and softly coos “a di di di di” as if telling me all her dreams from last night.  I could die from that look.

The way he flaps his arms as if he will take flight because his excitement cannot be contained.

The way she leans in for a hug every time I pick her up.

The way he laughs when I make a funny face.

The way she holds your hand without even telling her to, all the way around the block and then sometimes even inside the house because she doesn’t want to let go.  And you’ll be damned if you will let go first.

They way she sings in her high pitched voice the entire walk while he counters with his deeper chanting.  It’s the most enchanting symphony I’ve ever heard.

The way they cherish their bedtime rituals of reading a book and then pressing the buttons on the sound machine.  The way their lambies have become our GRAB IN CASE OF FIRE items as they cannot sleep without them.

They way they both take anything they are holding, or nothing at all and want do do “CHEERS” with you all while saying, “chsh”.

The belly laughs while being tickled as if they just can’t take any more, but don’t you dare stop.

The squeals of joy from I’M GONNA GET YOU while chasing around the house.

The pride that comes from figuring out a puzzle or a new toy that they hadn’t been able to figure out before.

The way they don’t even need our help while running up the bridge, then stairs and then all the way down the big slide all by themselves.

The way they both have of sharing with each other without even having to be asked.  You give one of them food or drink and they immediately give some to their brother or sister.  Oh my heart.


All of the unsolicited kisses.  OOOOF.

They way they eat at their little table and chairs now and we no longer need to wash their high chair trays!  WOOHOO!

The way they PLAY WITH EACH OTHER.  That first year with twins is SO HARD and then it seems practically over night, they are these little people, walking and talking (at least to each other) and they entertain each other and give the adults a little break.  It’s the universe’s way of saying, hey. I understand how hard that first year was.  So here you go.  Go have a cuppa and these two will be fine on their own for 15 minutes.

The way they point to EVERYTHING and want you to explain what it is.  And so you do.  You talk out loud to these two little sponges all day long and you are happy to do it because you get to experience everything in the world all over again through their eyes.

The way they know what they want and don’t want.  Food, toys, places, strollers, cars, anything.  They are developing their likes and dislikes and you learn about it really quickly.  It’s fascinating.  This week my girl isn’t big on cheese.  My boy isn’t big on being changed.  It will change again next week. You best pay attention.

The way they talk constantly and really tell you and each other about everything they see, taste, hear, smell, feel.  It’s a non-stop sensory ride.


Happy 18-month Birthday to my sweet, gentle, amazing, astoundingly loud, clever, smart and ridiculously adorable sweethearts.  Thank you for the best 18 months of my life so far.  You make me entirely grateful to be sober and alive today.  I cannot imagine missing even one moment with you.




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