One year ago RIGHT NOW, this was me.


Dear gods.  New Year’s Eve day was my last doc appointment before going into scheduled induced delivery on January 7th.  It didn’t go exactly as planned, but what does right?  We got our perfectly healthy babies out and here we are one year later.

I simply cannot believe all that’s happened this past year, and I will write about all that in a special twin birthday post coming up in a week.  But for now, I just want to say, I do miss being pregnant sometimes. Crazy, right?  All the sickness and gut punch kicking and having babies clear up to your neck. On top of all that, I was horribly ill the last month with a cold that would not quit and couldn’t take any drugs!  The things we do for our babes, right?  All that said, I’d still not change a thing.  Getting and staying pregnant and then delivering two healthy babes is beyond my comprehension.

I still can’t quite believe it happened.   I used to be so vain that I didn’t want to get pregnant as it would ruin my body.  And yet, here we are.  I got whacked with a DOUBLY stretched body and I couldn’t be more grateful.  I must say as I sit here with my C-section scar and my never-to-fully-return body, I love myself today more than I ever have.  Inside and out.  I love that my body went nuts in order to have these babies.  I love my bulges and my lines.  I don’t suck in my belly like I used to.  I am proud of what my body did.  I love that my back hurts all the time and that I can smile through the pain today.  I love that I’m still breastfeeding and have a heavy heart about it ending one day in the future.  Our bodies are incredible.

For those of you who’ve done it, I salute you.   For those of you who are going through it, I applaud you.  For those of you still trying, I send you all my love and baby dust and hope.  HOPE HOPE HOPE.  For those of you who haven’t been able to, I just love you so much.  For those who never wanted to, I TOTALLY understand and have my moments of envy.

It’s been a damn good year.  I’ve had a lot of shitty years in my life, but 2013 was not one of them.  Here’s to 2014 being even better for all of us.  Teeny tiny coffee cup cheers to all of you!  Thank you for your loyalty and continued support.

Bring it on, 2014.  BRING. IT. ON.


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