A Boy on the Verge

He is deliciously close.  So close we can all taste it as if we are sucking on hard candy that’s almost gone, that sharp, tiny little sliver that’s left in your mouth, sticky while coating your tongue as you suck furiously even after you’ve begun your decent into wishing it hadn’t dissolved so quickly and you could savor it just a little while longer.

It’s going to happen any moment now, any minute, any second.

He has the movements.  He has the strength.  He has the concept.  He has the desire.

He just doesn’t quite have the required confidence.  YET.

Despite my secret wishes to keep him a baby a while longer, he’s a boy on the verge.



He is up to this great challenge, no doubt.  He’s got determination in his bones that’s become all too apparent with his stubborn streak that makes him red hot when something doesn’t go quite the way he thinks it should go.

We all wait with bated breath as he wobbles just a bit after balancing on his own for a longer period of time with each effort until, BAM, he second guesses himself and his stability.  He wants to walk over to us so badly.  You can see it in his sweet yet resolved eyes.  He wants it.  Badly.  He can taste it.  But he’s just not quite confident enough in his own mobility.  This fresh upward mobility he has discovered and yearns to conquer so badly.

His twin sister is not quite as keen on tackling the upright position coupled with forward motion leaving her brother to investigate first and report back on his findings.  They develop in their own way in their very own style and we are left watching with our mouths agape at all they are capable of at such a young tender age.

He shall conquer, we have no doubt.  As the scores of drunken toddlers who came before him, he shall emerge victorious then we will clap we will cheer we will high five we will chest bump and be astounded by what a little miracle it is that this tiny being can do such great things, face such monumental challenges and prevail as a champion of human forward motion.

It’s all uphill from here little man.  But unlike the sense of foreboding that many parents seem to want me to feel, all I feel is excitement and joy for you and for us.  I know you are up to the challenge and I will be with you cheering you on, every tiny miraculous step of your way.

We will enjoy this candy we have RIGHT NOW IN THIS MOMENT down to the last tiny taste fleck because it is fleeting and then, just as we mourn this particular piece that shall never return, we discover we get to graduate up to all the mysterious, succulent, even more gratifying candy ahead.  One small confidence boosting step at a time.


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