5 Reasons to Fully Embrace the Holidays This Year

It would be easy to snarl and say, “Hey!  It’s November 3rd and Schmolidays stuff is up already?” as I have done every other year.  But not this year.  This year is altogether different.  Because this year, we have babies!

Here are 5 reasons I’ve decided that this year, there will be so much damn jolly joy this year, I’ll be whistling God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen out of my mouth-hole and I’ll like it!  Even though I can’t whistle.  Hmmm.  Should have thought that through a bit more.  Anyway, here we go!   5 Reasons to fully embrace the holidays this year.

  1. Halloween.  Now, it’s over, but I must pay homage to the fact that I’ve never in my life been more excited for Halloween.  I got to leave work early and go be home with my parents, my in-laws, my husband and my babies.  We had a total costume malfunction in that the baby bear costume didn’t come with a headpiece,  because as the awesome mommy I am, I hadn’t opened it early to check it out.  We improvised with one of their little hats that have ears and all was well.  As my mom kept saying, “she couldn’t have looked any cuter.”  I mean, really.  We all got to share in their first Halloween together.  2 sets of happy, healthy Grandparents were with us, and we realize how lucky we are to have that in our lives.
  2. Hype for Christmas.  I mean, sonofabitch.  It is on.  We are thinking of going downtown TODAY to go look at the Macy’s decorations in the windows.  It’s November 3rd.  I don’t even know who I am.  But I’m excited for these babies to see and smell and taste and feel every delicious moment of Christmas.  Let’s all be honest, it’s more for us, but really, isn’t our joy passed right on to them?  They pick up on these things ya know.
  3. Thanksgiving family fun time!  I am gifted with a huge awesome family with my in-laws.  These babies are LOVED.  I’m hoping a tofurkey shows up somewhere along the way, even if I make it myself, but damn, are we lucky.   I don’t do an extra thankful November or Thanksgiving thing, because when you are grateful for EVERYTHING every single day you are alive, it seems redundant to say you’re thankful around Thanksgiving.  You feel me?  But yeah, we are thankful.
  4. OH MY GODS, CHRISTMAS IS COMING!  We will put up a tree, we will decorate, we will put up their beautiful new stockings, we will wrap up boxes with tissue and let the babies open them, because they aren’t getting gifts from us this year.  Hey, they’ve been alive almost a year and had all their needs met and more, we don’t need to give them gifts, right?  There will be plenty of time for that when Santa is a thing.  We know they will be spoiled by the rest of our family, and as hard as that is for me to accept sometimes – the showering of gifts – I am super grateful we are among people who love all of us so much.
  5. Babies are here!  A year ago I was in the thick of it.  So uncomfortable and sick with the end of my pregnancy.  Terrified and excited and nervous and so very joyous about what was about to happen.   And will you look at that?  Here we are almost a year later and just look at us!  Our little family is going strong and we are nothing but grateful for every second.  We will celebrate how much has happened in just one year.

You can bet your bottom dollar we will be ringing in the New Year and all the moments leading up to it with great excitement and wonder.   We know we won’t always have the family members around us that we do today.  In the last year we lost our dear sweet Sally Boy.  We will likely lose some family members in years to come, but for now, today, it is perfect just as it is and we will celebrate that.  Right now.  So tune me out now if you don’t want to hear all about it.  We are IN.  Let the holidays begin!



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