The Very Best Things about 9 Month Olds

These twins are 9 months old! Can you believe that?  They’ve officially been out longer than they were in and it’s mind blowing how much they grow every week, hell, every day. 


This table is CONTROL CENTER. 

 They are doing all the things!  Here are the very best things about 9 month olds:

Standing with help and scaling the walls and pounding on tables for another drink just like their mama!  They pull themselves up on everything and long gone are the days when they would be happy just sitting and playing with something.  That’s ok, as the exploration is NON-STOP and we get to enjoy the show!   One of my favorite times is in the morning when I’m doing my make up and getting dressed they just play in my room with me and we laugh and talk about what we will do that day and they help me pick out a dress and shoes and it’s a blast!

Everywhere we go, they want to go, so we have the cutest little snail like creepy crawly friends following us. And the sounds they make when they are scooting along – squeaking and laughing and panting, oh my!  They just want to be where we are.  Never in my life have I had anybody want to be with me so much. 

The biggest change since the last time I did this update at 6 months is the eating of all the solids.  It’s such an exciting time.  I mean, everything they eat and taste and look at is new and exciting to them.  They pretty much like everything right now and I’m enjoying that as long as I can.  Their favorite foods are still: sweet potatoes and avocados (those were their first foods too), red pepper, celery, apple slices, scrambled eggs and black beans, oatmeal with fruit puree, whole wheat english muffin or toast, some cheese, yogurt and fruit and of course, PEAS and CARROTS. 

My boy made the decision yesterday that he wasn’t going to eat anything from a spoon anymore, so it’s all finger foods all the time now.  We were almost there anyway, but watching him make that decision all on his own was astounding

I will not lie, I find them fascinating.  They’re mine so I’m a bit biased I know, but it’s incredible what they can do.  The mimicking of the little girl crinkling up her nose right back to whoever does it to her and the laughter when they know something is funny….I think that amazes me the most.  They stand in their pack n’ plays and yell laugh at each other for long periods of time now.  When they are next to each other they laugh and laugh until somebody goes too far and then it turns into crying. 

The constant discovery is something that we take for granted as adults, but I can’t anymore.  I have the gift of seeing for the first time everything they experience and taste – including dirt.  There’s a lot of dirt, grass and leaf tasting lately.  I get to feel their joy because they share it with me. 

They get upset when you separate them.  They are peas in a pod and don’t like to be without the other.  It’s comforting and perhaps a tad worrisome, but for now, we’ll focus on how cute and comforting it is to see their incredibly strong bond developing

Our nanny suggested we do some baby sign language so of course I yelled, “YES WE SHOULD”, not really conducive to signing to yell but whatever.  They can learn so much, it’s shocking and makes me feel really dumb by comparison. 

One year ago I was 26 weeks pregnant with these little people that I didn’t even know yet and feeling equal parts terrified, excited and in awe of everything that was happening.  Now, they are here and I cannot imagine not living in their world.   I bought a lifetime pass to the twins show, and I’ll use that sucker for as long as they’ll let me. 



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